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The store optimization solutions from Axis help you understand the shopping behavior and needs of your customers using not only IP cameras, but also audio. By adjusting your store accordingly, you turn visitors into customers—every day, again and again. Current Axis network technology offers a wide range of applications, including targeted PA functionality and integration with video analytics. Whether it concerns one store, or multiple branches, you can easily transfer the same brand values with music, ambiance, and voice announcements. Stop by Booth 807 to learn more about video analytics and audio offerings.

The Driving Force in Network Video

Axis is a world leader in network video. The company was first to bring the benefits of IP to video surveillance and remote monitoring, introducing the world’s first network camera in 1996. With nearly three decades of network know-how, full commitment to open industry standards and strong partnerships, Axis delivers solutions that best answer users’ current and future needs—including a complete range of high-quality network cameras, video encoders, video management software and accessories.

Axis solutions ensure easy integration and scalability, and use standard networks and IT equipment. As a founding member of ONVIF, Axis also promotes equipment interoperability and compatibility.

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Enduring Results

With the world’s largest installed base of network cameras, Axis offers unrivalled expertise. Used worldwide in sectors ranging from retail and transportation to education and city surveillance, Axis network video solutions deliver enduring results: indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, and in even the most extreme conditions and remote locations.

Pioneering Partnerships

Axis partners with a comprehensive network of security and IT specialists. Together with leading technology suppliers, application developers, security consultants, integrators and installers, Axis creates video surveillance solutions that expand the user’s potential.

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