An Inside Look at Sears Asset Protection

Sears asset protection

Scott Glenn, JD, LPC, currently serves as the chief security officer for Sears Holdings, where he manages asset and profit protection, safety, business continuity, and crisis response. He is active in the industry as part of the Loss Prevention Foundation, LP Magazine‘s editorial board, and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) asset protection leadership council.

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Executive Editor Jim Lee interviewed Glenn for a feature article in the March–April 2017 issue of the magazine. The conversation covers a colorful range of topics, including career development, mentorship, Sears asset protection initiatives, and expanding the AP role beyond the traditional job description. From the article:

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“In general, as we work through our corporate turnaround, we’re certainly being tasked to do more with less and to be more efficient. To support that, we have taken on some things that have been outside of the traditional AP role. One example would be cyber-event management. We don’t do cyber investigations. IT security and the legal department do with our partnership. But what we have done is helped develop a framework for how to manage these events. For example, in the case of a data breach or brute-force attack on our systems, we developed protocols with the key stakeholders, hold tabletop exercises based on industry standards, and help ensure that people can make the right decisions within the right timeframe during those very tense situations. I liken our role to being the quarterback that calls the plays during the game to ensure that we execute the game plan.”

Glenn also shares insights about crisis management strategies and the importance of remaining active in industry organizations. Check out “Building an Organization around Data and Technology” to read the full article, or check out the other articles in the March–April 2017 issue of LP Magazine. Not yet subscribed? No problem – register here for free.

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