3 Key Elements to Managing Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behaviors in the retail setting can range from mere aggravations, like rudeness and incivility, to serious and extreme threats and/or aggression. Recent violent events in the news have heightened awareness of the need for organizational training when it comes to managing disruptive behavior in the workplace.

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In a feature article from the latest issue of LPM Online, Jesse Stanley, CPP, CFI, illustrates the three program elements that should be top of mind for retailers when it comes to addressing disruptive behavior. From the article:

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TIP #1: Align your efforts with what’s most important to your company.

Failing to align your strategies and tactics with your mission and values is like driving a sports car with two wheels in a sandy shoulder. You can do it, but why would you?

The best leaders in retail know loss prevention should integrate with and work to support sales and growth. When it comes to dealing with disruptive behaviors, the same principles apply. The policies, strategies, and tactics you document and train should serve to support your business.

Learning to address disruptive behaviors should help you better serve your customers. You should see increased sales. Return‐to‐exchange conversions should increase. Injuries related to disruptive and deviant behaviors should decrease. Customer experience should improve.

Customers engaging in disruptive behaviors are customers—and you’re a retailer. That critical aspect of the business cannot be forgotten.

Stanley shares a few fundamental truths you may have forgotten, along with two other practical tips you can lead your team into developing and executing an effective disruptive-behaviors training program. Check out “Tips for Addressing Disruptive Behavior in Retail” to read the full article and learn how to prepare for the inevitable.

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