Woman Who Attacked Fast Food Workers; Charged with Hate Crime

Police in Mountain View arrested a woman on suspicion of a hate crime after hitting a McDonald’s employee and making racial remarks. Around 7 AM on Saturday, police arrived at a McDonald’s on the 900 block of El Monte Avenue after reports of a person refusing to leave.

Police were told a woman hit an employee and made several degrading remarks about the employee’s ethnicity. The employee who was hit is Latino. Officers say the employee who was struck in the upper body was not injured and refused medical attention.

Authorities say the woman made similar degrading statements in front of authorities. The woman was identified as 40-year-old Alena Jenkins. She is a transient and was arrested on suspicion of a hate crime, battery, and violation of probation. She was taken to the Santa Clara County Jail.

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“We will continue to hold those that commit crimes against others, simply based on their race, accountable,” said Chief Chris Hsiung. “As I have said before, hate has no place in this community.”  KRON9 News

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