Woman Bit LPA to Get Away with Stolen Goods

Police said two women stole from Marshalls in Hingham, Massachusetts, and one bit an employee and hit another employee with a shopping cart to get away. Jamie Jones, 29, was arrested on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and charged with assault and battery, assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and shoplifting more than $250. Suzanne Wisehart, 50, was arrested after the same October 2 incident and charged with third offense shoplifting.

Police said Marshalls employees identified the two women as part of a “retail theft ring in the South Shore area.” The employees said the women spent two hours inside the store and then tried to leave the store with Marshalls items. Jones tried to steal a shopping cart full of just under $300 worth of goods and Wisehart tried to steal a purse full of goods that equaled less than $100.

Police said one employee confronted Jones before she got out of the store and Jones bit the employee’s arm to try to get away. The bite did not break skin, police said. Then a different employee tried to stand in front of Jones to stop her from leaving, police said. Jones then hit that 64-year-old employee with a shopping cart, which caused the employee to hit the wall and fall to the ground. Both women got away at first. Wisehart lost her wallet while dealing with store security, so… Wicked Local

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