Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Announces Simulated Interviewing Technology for Investigators to Perfect Their Skills

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) recently announced their newest product offering, THE LINK, debuting at the NRF PROTECT conference in Washington, June 26–28,at Booth #1434. THE LINK fills the gap between the knowledge of interviewing and the actual skill of conducting the interview.

Every interviewer wishes they had actual practice before conducting the first interviews of his or her career. THE LINK offers this opportunity by simulating a non-confrontational interview with three degrees of difficulty. Each interview changes based on statements made by the interviewer, making every new attempt more challenging.

“Every organization knows the risks of new interviewers,” said Shane Sturman, CPP, CFI, senior partner and president/CEO of WZ. “THE LINK provides a valuable, risk-free way for interviewers to practice their non-confrontational techniques,and is accessible anywhere, any time. THE LINK can be cloud, web, or company platform-based and is accessible by tablet, smart phone, laptop, or desktop technology.”

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THE LINK captures a final score for the interviewer’s effort each time the simulation is run. Supervisors can have administrator access to interviewer’s simulations, transcripts, coaching, and scores, plus other details of the simulations. For example, the administrator can set a time for completion of the simulation, determine how much time was spent practicing and gauge whether areas of difficulty are improving.

Pilot tests of THE LINK have been underway with impressive results. THE LINK will be on display at NRF PROTECT, Booth #1434. For a demonstration, contact Shane Sturman at ssturman (at) w-z (dot) com.

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