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Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

In the mid- to late-1990s, great strides in computer and telecommunications technology gave rise to an array of cutting-edge security solutions in all areas of loss prevention.

Buzzwords such as digital signal processing, compression algorithms, intranet, and wireless were added to our lexicon. These new technologies provided security practitioners with digital CCTV cameras, monitors and recorders, and improved EAS systems. Faster computer processing and new software applications not only improveda systems operating performance, but also sparked whole new categories of investigative tools, such as exception monitoring and reporting software and computer-based honesty testing tools.

As we head toward 2003, the technology trend is moving toward the enhancement of these breakthroughsmakingthings smaller and betterand getting more bang for the buck. Following are observations on the most vibranttrends for next year.

- Digital Partner -

Video Surveillance and Access Control

Security practitioners are anxious to get rid of videotape and VCRs. The technology used for digital recording and storage of images is capable of supporting even the most sophisticated security needs. New remote digital recorders are full of features, easily installed, and simple to operate. But the best trend has been the gradual lowering of the cost. Like computer memory, these units are costing less and have begun to appeal to a much wider market.

Aside from the strides made in hardware, the software used to manage surveillance and access control systems has improved dramatically and will continue to offer more features and greater flexibility at a more reasonable cost. Loss prevention and operations executives can use desktop or laptop computers to analyze digital video or tie any access control event to a video clip.

Employee Selection, Retention, Training, and Awareness

According to the most recent surveys, internal theft has begun to dwarf external theft as a percentage of total store losses. Retailers are now using the power of video, database management software, the Internet, and company-installed intranets to select and retain honest employees.

The most interesting trend involves the use of the Internet, or a proprietary intranet, for almost every human resource task, such as filling out an application electronically, pre-employment honesty screening, loss prevention and safety awareness, and employee training.

Training especially is becoming more and more interactive and accessible throughout an organization. DVD-based computer programs provide life-like situational training on a wide range of topics.

LP Solutions

Exception Monitoring and Reporting

The original exception reporting system attempted to superimpose a cash register or POS terminal transaction onto videotape so that an investigator might see whether or not a collusion crime occurred. The first software was barely able to isolate simple transactions, such as no sale. This technology has taken quantum leaps forward.

Software packages are almost infinitely flexible and reasonably priced. Attention has turned toward adding more and more types of exceptions. Many packages offer real-time features. A few retailers are using the software along with intranet access to match a stores sales by item to inventory on hand. In this way, they can tell virtually immediately whether items are sold or stolen.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The arrival of auto-identification of inventory using RFID technology is on the horizon and much anticipated. Like a hurricane forming in the Caribbean and traveling toward the U.S. mainland, we know its coming and we know it will have a big impact. We are just unsure of exactly when and where it will hit.

For 2003, companies will begin using RFID on the front end of the logistics trail, that is, from factory to distribution center. RFID on an individual piece of merchandise and auto tracking in stores is still further out in the future.

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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

EAS companies have used technology to improve the performance of their electronics products, especially with digital signal processing. They are preparing for the advent of RFID to the item.

However, the most interesting trend involves the potential source tagging of apparel with a disposable plastic tag. As of this writing, one major retailer has begun to source tag a few styles of mens and womens leather coats with a plastic tag that is removed by the consumer. Another chain is testing a source applied, but store removed and discarded version of the tag on apparel and accessories. One of the objectives is to try to limit instore tagging labor costs.

Data Delete

Absolute Software, a provider of managed services for computer security and tracking, recently announced it has enhanced its ComputracePlus PC tracking and loss control service with the launch of Data Delete, a feature designed to protect valuable data on remote, mobile, and desktop PCs.

Available on a pay-for-use basis, Data Delete provides ComputracePlus customers with the option of wiping valuable data from a stolen PC, thus preventing a thief from having access to or publicly exposing sensitive data. With Data Delete capabilities, organizations can now protect valuable data such as passwords, financial records, sales contacts, trade secrets, and salary records, in addition to hardware.

Data Delete is administered and managed by Absolute Software, once authorized by the customer. Customers simply contact Absolute Software to initiate the service, which is administered the next time the stolen PC calls into the Absolute Monitoring Center over a phone line or the Internet. The Data Delete service then works stealthily in the background to erase data, and can be configured to include or exclude the operating system.

For more information, contact Dave Shoemaker at 856-384-2404 or via email at dave (at) shoemaker (at) checkpt (dot) com.

Select Vision

ADT Select Vision, a new service from ADT, now allows users to quickly access video from multiple sites where the Intellex digital recorders and cameras are installed through a single connection. powered by the Arrowsight software, it also provides for quick search and retrieval of video through patent-pending technology across low bandwidth connections.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use web interface for live and saved video, which reduces cost of operation.
  • Central user administration allows users to quickly manage access levels by DVR, camera and time, ensuring only the right people get the right video.
  • Drill down searching of saved video lets you find the right video without retrieving megabytes or watching hours of video.
  • Email links to saved video allows taking action on activity in video easier and reduces loads on email systems.
  • Business rules enable users to organize and search saved video, from one or more sites, around key business issues such as customer throughput or shrinkage, making the use of video for operations applications faster and easier. Sample applications include internal shrinkage, procedure compliance, store opening/closing, employee productivity, employee training, product placement, and store traffic analysis.

For more information, call 800-ADTASAP.

S3 Secure-Hook

Alpha Security Products unveils its latest product offerings for retail loss prevention and open merchandising. A direct result of an in-depth market research effort, Alpha has bridged the gap between open merchandising and more profit loss due to theft with its new S3TM Secure- HookTM product line.

These patented display hooks are designed to solve two important retail problems:

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

  • How to protect commonly swept items, such as razor blades, ink cartridges, batteries, film, and condoms, without impeding sales or merchandising.
  • How to open merchandise high-risk products and drive sales, yet protect the product from theft without locking it behind glass.

The S3 Secure-Hook product solves both problems and more. Retailers can now openly display highly desirable products resulting in increased sales per square foot and without compromising security.

Other new products for 2003 include an active line of wireless devices designed to protect media and non-media merchandise. Any attempt to defeat these devices will activate a self-contained audible alarm. Also new is the Shark Tag, a new line of disposable and semi-reusable hard tags for apparel and accessories that can be applied either by the manufacturer or at the store level.

For more information, call 800-633-2155 or visit

Loss Prevention Analytics

Loss Prevention Analytics from CAP Index is a suite of proprietary analytical and predictive tools and services that help companies quantify, understand, predict, prevent, and manage common losses, such as shortage, general liability, workers compensation, fraud, lawsuits, and crimes against persons and property.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?
CAP Index works with risk managers, LP and security directors, and their IT and data warehouse staffs to utilize their loss data, together with external crime and demographic data, to develop targeted prevention strategies as well as make informed decisions relating to new site location and future profitability of existing operations.

This approach reduces losses by ensuring more cost-effective allocation of resources, integration of LP issues with merchandising and facility operations, and optimized risk management and ROI.

The suite of services includes:

  • Loss Data Analytics. Basic collection, organization, and cleansing of accumulated internal loss data, or samplings of relevant data, and external or environmental data.
  • Predictive Analytics. Forecasting potential losses by location, type (down to SKU level), season, and time of day.
  • Preventive Analytics. Analysis of the effectiveness of various security safeguards and interventions across a companys sites as well as across industries and geographies.
  • Risk Management and ROI Analytics. Providing valid modeling of such risk management factors as predicted losses, insurance costs, loss and risk reserves, and potential litigation costs.
  • Loss Prevention Dashboard. Quarterly, monthly, or weekly tracking of losses, analysis of safeguard effectiveness, and call-out data snapshots focusing on such events as new store openings, natural catastrophes, and product promotions

For more information, contact Paul Lunt at 978-440-8185 or Steve Longo at 800-227-7475 extension 114.

Liberty Family of RF Sensors

Built on next-generation digital radio frequency (RF) electronics from Checkpoint Systems, Inc., the Liberty family of sensors are engineered to meet the needs of retailers who want ultrareliable detection and the ability to migrate easily to RFID technology. The Liberty family of sensors delivers superior tag detection regardless of environment to ensure alarm reliability and integrity.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

The Liberty family has the communications capabilities to show store personnel alarm-system events and alarm counts. It also time stamps each event. Using Checkpoints EDGAR Analysis software, a store can do full alarm data analysis, then tailor its EAS responses to give the best possible shrink results. Any computer connected to the system by the network can do this analysis even a computer located thousands of miles away. The Liberty sensors can be monitored and changed remotely. The systems can be programmed or changed on the spot by store personnel.

Libertys patented Advanced Digital Discrimination Radio Frequency Technology (ADD/RF) provides improved electronic algorithms, helping to filter out unwanted signals, improving alarm integrity, practically eliminating false alarms. The Liberty sensor family operates at the standard EAS frequency of 8.2 MHz, and can be switched to operate at the alternate EAS frequency of 9.5 MHz. The entire Liberty family is configured to accept RFID electronics for future RFID application requirements.

The Liberty family is expected to be available in Q1 2003.

For more information, contact Dave Shoemaker at 856-384-2404 or via email at


SystemVision is a proactive system management tool. It provides automatic immediate notification of pre-selected events. The software, an optional module to CA Technologys eVision and StoreVision products, notifies different people for different events through different notification methodologies. Video loss, image quality degradation, server failure, and nearing storage capacity are just some of the events the application monitors. In addition to the automatic alerts, SystemVision can also take corrective action in the case of a component failure as it automatically detects and corrects the status of the system components.

SystemVision with Hawkeye, a software application that provides complete documentation of all activity of system users, provides a complete proactive system for digital video. Multiple access levels provide full visibility of ongoing and completed investigations. Investigators open cases as they begin investigations and create one consolidated report with transaction detail, the associated video, and the investigators notes.

Combining the software with new Image Management Modules (eVisions distributed digital compression units) provides the user with full live frame rate video capture across all inputs simultaneously, with lower cost installations through daisy-chained networks, eliminating the home runs of coaxial or Ethernet cabling from the camera to the security office.

SystemVision is a module for eVision, distributed video digitization and compression across a VPN camera network with computer hard drive storage and StoreVision, a digital video system with point-of-sale data warehousing and data mining functions within a software application.

Additional information is available at 866-710-3792 or

Individual BiometricAuthentication Solutions

IBAS is a web-based, biometric authentication solution to help companies use biometrics with their employees and customers. Based on the level of trust assigned at enrollment, users are authorized to access secure locations both on-line and off-line.

ChoicePoint is launching IBAS to help retailers:

  • Reduce losses in their credit card divisions,
  • Validate consumers in store, and
  • Improve their background screening services.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

On-line Credit Card Transactions. IBAS can be used to enter biometric data on in-store credit card holders for future on-line and off-line validations. Once enrolled, consumers can use IBAS to securely purchase products via credit card on the web. The only requirement is a biometric device installed on the consumers PC to activate the authentication process when an on-line purchase is made.

In-store Credit Card Transaction. IBAS can also be used to thwart the use of stolen credit cards. If a retailer suspects a card is stolen, the consumer is asked to validate their identity by placing their finger on a fingerprint reader. If the credit card has been registered with IBAS, the retailer checks to see if the fingerprint belongs to the cardholder. If not, the transaction is terminated.

Retail Background Checks. Retailers can use IBAS to collect biometric information on their customers in order to create authenticated customer profiles. For example, if a consumer purchases a TV and stores a biometric at the time of purchase, the consumer may return the TV to a different store location without a receipt.

For more information, contact Mark Peterson at 770-752-6054.

4/DETECTION Software

Certegys version 2.3 software, which includes case management and video integration capabilities focused on increasing the efficiencies for loss prevention case management, compliments our 4/DETECTION software.

4/DETECTION provides security, sales audit, and loss prevention personnel with the ability to quickly spot suspicious activity occurring at the point of sale. Standard exception reports drill down inquiries and automatically flag high-risk transactions, allowing the review of any transaction violating parameters that have been previously established. With 4/DETECTION, POS register activity is monitored to identify patterns indicative of employee theft, while providing retailers a proactive approach to the detection of internal employee theft and a deterrent for future activity.

The video integration application in version 2.3 will give the merchant the capability to monitor their point-of-sale transactions while linking to the 4/DETECTION software. After 4/DETECTION recognizes fraudulent activity at the point of sale, the merchant can access video that will enhance the case against the employee. The video can be cued to the exact time the crime was committed and can be saved in conjunction with the data that 4/DETECTION accessed.

In addition, the case management application in version 2.3 allows the merchant to combine all aspects of the case into one efficient tool. Case management can combine the video of the employee committing the fraud, the data from 4/DETECTION, as well as any other notes associated with the case for easy storage and access.

For more information, call 800-215-6280 extension 72211 or e-mail

Smart Clipboards

Canadian company Creative Options is applying state-of-the-art hand-held computing technology to loss prevention audits. Instead of filling out forms on a clipboard to be faxed, copied, and analyzed by hand, field personnel answer customized audit questions electronically using a hand-held device. After synchronizing with a laptop or desktop computer, the audit is uploaded to a web-based reporting system, where managers can access a full suite of customized reports from anywhere with a web connection. 128-bit strong encryption protects the data from unauthorized access, and configurable user profiles ensure that different levels of management get the information they need, when they need it.

The advantages of the system include:

  • The elimination of manual data entry and transmission saves time, effort, and money, while reducing the chances for error. LP field personnel can focus their efforts on correcting problems instead of looking for them.
  • Automatically generated fax or email task lists escalate issues to those immediately responsible, reducing the necessity for management intervention in everyday problems.
  • Individual audits are consistent, but the overall system remains flexible. Updated audit questions can be distributed from the server to every device in the company with a single command.
  • Instant turnaround on audit data means that trend analysis occurs almost in realtime, providing an immediate feedback loop between front-line locations and upper management. Customized reports give clear answers to important questions immediately, with no errors, no delays, and no paperwork.

For more information, contact Creative Options at 800-233-5666 or visit

Encore Retail SuiteWhats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Customer returns validation means being proactive, not reactive in loss prevention. By tightly coupling the POS system with an optimized transactional database, retailers can stop fraudulent returns before they happen rather than analyzing the damage after the fact.

This means carrying all of the necessary detail from the original transaction with an ability to mark, by item, the status of a transaction with regard to previous return or exchange activity. In this way, it is possible to identify, at the POS, an attempted return for an item that has already been returned. The upside potential in shrink reduction can be very large for some retailers.

The integrated processing between Encore Focus at the host and Encore POS in the store provides the retailer with a powerful environment for true loss prevention as well as fast access to sales information.

For more information on how Encore Retail Suite and FOCUS addresses loss prevention, contact or visit

Weatherized Exit Device

Detex Corporation has introduced an alarmed exit device that is designed to operate in all types of climatic conditions, including rain, snow, ice, humidity, and intense heat.

The new Value Series model V40 x EB x W addresses the problem of securing gates and doors located outdoors or in areas with high humidity and wetness that must be locked and alarmed, but still provide for instant egress in case of emergency.

Applications include gates in garden centers, waterfront resort properties, aquatic facilities, childcare facilities and playgrounds, and restaurant kitchens.

The device exceeds military test standards for salt fog, which tests the effects of corrosive environments in coastal regions. The unit also surpasses testing standards for a driving-rain test, which simulates four inches of rain per hour under 40 mile per hour winds. The electronics are impervious to water and weather, thanks to Detexs All Climate Electronics.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Other weatherized features include built-in inhibitors in the materials of the device, which help resist fading and weakening typically caused by exposure to extreme temperatures and UV rays. The devices self-latching bolt is stainless steel.

The V40 x EB x W features a 100- decibel alarm inside the device. The unit operates with a standard 9-volt battery. All models in the Value Series are UL listed, BHMA grade 1 panic hardware devices, signifying that they have exceeded the test for 500,000 push cycles without failure.

For more information, visit, or call 830-629-2900 or email

Calibur Digital Video Multiplexer/RecorderWhats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

The Calibur Digital Video Multiplexer/Recorder (DVMRe) from GE Interlogix offers retailers the following benefits:

Save valuable management time. The DVMRe reduces the time it takes to investigate common sources of shrinkage, like sweethearting, no sales purchases, and substitute scanning. Besides recording sharp, detailed digital images, the DVMRe captures text that appears on a customers receipt and associates it with the corresponding video.

To investigate a suspicious transaction, enter receipt text like no sale, void, or return. The DVMRe retrieves video from the transaction immediately. No more wasting valuable time searching through hours of tape. Now you can see whether the transaction was genuineor a costly fraud.

Investigate shrinkage with your PC.the DVMRe also simplifies investigations by making images available wherever and whenever you need them. Simply plug the DVMRe into your computer network or connect to a standard phone line. With easy-to-use WaveReader software, you can view live or recorded images from the DVMRe or remotely program the unit using any network PC from any location.

Share images easily. Its easy to share video clips from your DVMRe. On WaveReaders graphical disk analysis screen, just click and drag to select the video you want. Save the clip. Then copy it and the QuickWave viewer to a CD. Now Windows 98/2000/NT users can view your clip without installing any software. (The QuickWave CD cannot be played back on Windows 95 or Windows 98 release 1.)

For more information, visit or call 800-469-1676.

Remote Manager Net

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Kyrus Corporation and Aloha Technologies have just released Remote Manager Net, a retail loss prevention tool developed by Trakonic Inc. With Remote Manager Net, restaurateurs can monitor both security video and POS transactions from their Aloha QuickService or TableService software using an integrated application accessible through an easy-touse browser-based viewer. Remote Manager Net gives users the ability to capture and store exception data, displaying the associated video and receipt information.

Advanced search features also allow users to search for detailed transaction activity and the video associated with those transactions for quick visual verification of activity associated with exception reports. Search parameters allow queries by device, transaction description, date, transaction amount, time, register number, and action code, such as void sale or cash drawer open.

Remote Manager Net will help users of Aloha POS software solutions reduce loss through the quick identification and visual verification of illegal activity, having a direct positive impact on their bottom line.

Remote Manager Nets browser-based viewer and wireless handheld video viewer free restaurant owners and managers from their desks, giving them the ability to monitor cashier and dining room activity from the floor.

Seamlessly integrating with existing CCTV equipment and Aloha POS systems, Remote Manager Net enhances restaurant loss prevention efforts, while providing managers with a tool to improve table management and employee training.

For more information, contact Jeff Anderson at Kyrus Corporation at 877-267-9571.

Learn it MonitorWhats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

On the heels of RuMe Interactives release of its on-line interactive scenario-based training solutions comes Learn it Monitor. Learn it Monitor takes the concept of public view to the next level by converting standard public view into a public awareness system that provides client-specific information via text, video,and graphics through large flat-screen LCD and plasma display monitors.

Learn it Monitor incorporates the video from a public view system into a graphical presentation that includes scrolling ticker text for public information as well as graphic images and messages for public awareness.

Video (and audio) feed can come from CCTV, broadcast video, satellite, cable, or commercial video. This allows retailers to display CCTV video or corporate/vendor commercials while delivering important company information regarding location, security, safety, or sales and marketing.

As a networked system, Learn it Monitor can be accessed remotely and multiple systems can be updated simultaneously. Messaging, graphics, and text can be changed on multiple monitors via a network connection.

Learn it Monitor is also designed to allow similar function and design as an employee awareness and education center. Placing Learn it Monitor in your employee lounge or at the employee entrance provides system messaging and graphics to relay important company information and employee awareness data.

In spring 2003, Learn it Monitor will allow for interactive access to company information via the plasma screen and an added interactive keypad. Multiple keypads will allow for group activities including interactive training and games.

For more information, call 631-845-7052 or visit

BehaviorTrack Video Intelligence Module

TM from Loronix Video Solutions that detects certain objects and their movements within a particular camera view(referred to as a region of interest).

As a part of the Loronix video intelligence solution, BehaviorTracks main purpose is to improve the effectiveness of video surveillance and the operational performance of businesses such as retail chains, airports, and high-security government facilities.

By providing real-time alert alarming, BehaviorTrack allows the appropriate proactive action to be taken, which may include addressing a security breach or a customer service need.

BehaviorTrack can reduce storage needs by only recording/saving events and video of interest. BehaviorTrack can also be applied to recorded video during the investigative process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security personnel.

Information gathered by BehaviorTrack may be used to generate reports such as:

  • Number of potential security breaches and/or risks vs. time.
  • Number of incidences of loitering vs. time.
  • Number of backflow (moving in the wrong direction) violations vs. time.
  • Number of speed violations vs. time.

These reports can help business and security managers optimize their operations, thereby lowering operational costs, liability risks, and security risks while improving customer service.

For more information, call 303-450-5910 or visit

Tele-Monitoring Audio System

Louroe Electronic engineers have developed a Tele-Monitoring Audio System that enables a store owner, warehouse manager, or other business person to audio monitor his or her place of business via the telephone.


This system allows small store owners the freedom to travel without jeopardizing the safety and maintenance of their business. The owner or manager can leave the business to promote new accounts or deal with suppliers, while monitoring the store or warehouse from anywhere in the world with a standard or cellular phone.

The business person can hear what is going on, monitor machinery sounds, and communicate with employees.

In addition, the system can be programmed to call the owners telephone number when activated by a source, such as a motion detector, door strike, or other low-voltage annunciation.

For more information, call 818-994-6498 or visit our website,

4410 Digital Video Recorder

The March Networks 4410 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a 16-channel unit built for enterprise-level installations offering very high recording speed of 240 fps, enabling reliable video capture in any situation and 640 GB of internal hard disk recording.

The industrial design provides high reliability, rapid installation, and ease of serviceability.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

The unique docking station feature frees service technicians from struggling with DVR units and multiple cable harnesses, and at the same time permits full access to drive bays and expansion slots, allowing hardware upgrades to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Testing the unit in situ is carried out via an RS232 port on the front panel. Access is password protected. If a unit has to be swapped, the unique ID tag on the docking station instantly identifies and programs the substitute DVR via the network.

The built-in UPS and intelligent watchdog circuitry keep the unit operational regardless of the power conditions at the site, making the 4410 DVR suitable for use in multiple industrial and commercial environments.

A broad range of optional components means that the 4410 DVR can be customized to user requirements. The 4410 DVR, mounted in the docking station, is a compact 2U (3-inch) high, 19-inch rack-mount device. Its design allows it to be fitted in a rack, mounted vertically on a wall without additional hardware, or simply placed on a desk, making it highly adaptable to a variety of operational locations.

For more information, call 800-563-5564 or visit

Multi-Tiered Network Initiative

Panasonic Security Systems has launched a multi-tiered network initiative for video surveillance systems that provides network solutions at every level of application. The multi-tiered network solutions have been designed to meet a diverse range of applications in virtually any system configuration.

The first level is the result of an alliance formed with Inetcam, Inc. and the co-development of proprietary software for small systems applications. The software is designed to provide network storage and scheduling solutions incorporating Panasonics web-based digital products.

Level two includes Panasonics CCTV(NT)TM WJ-NT Series Network Interfaces to provide remote monitoring capabilities utilizing Panasonics conventional analog-based video surveillance products. The CCTV(NT) Series products provide a network solution without the need for any external software solutions.

Level three features Panasonics multitiered network solution landscape incorporating the companys new GX Series of CODEC Devices. This provides systems with the capability to transmit real-time video images over a 1GB Ethernet on multiple platforms, and immediate control response of peripheral devices resulting in the same look, feel, and response time of current analog switchers.

Level four incorporates the introduction of Panasonics new WVAS700A Network Server Administrator and Multiple Site Network Administrator solutions that provide versatile means of networking, archiving, and accessing video images recorded for large and mid-scale systems.

Panasonic is supporting its multi-tiered network initiative with a new line of products designed specifically for network environments.

For more information, call 877-733-3689 or visit


In the first quarter of 2003, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations will complete the integration of its Incident Reporting call center service with its on-line case management system, IN-CHARGE Online. The result will be a full system for the tracking and management of loss incident data.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Clients of Pinkertons Incident Reporting service will be able to document incidents by telephoning the Pinkerton call center, or by completing a customized form on a secure web site. They can then use the web site to enter investigation notes, send case information to colleagues for follow-up, and log significant case events or status. One advantage of this system is that it requires no special software. Users can securely log into INCHARGE Online from any computer with a web browser.

Also in early 2003, Pinkerton will launch a management reporting and data analysis module on the IN-CHARGE Online web site. This product will be available to clients of Pinkertons Incident Reporting service and Pinkertons AlertLine Workplace Alert service. It will give users the ability to generate a series of reports that summarize report volume for a specified time period and break the total down by a number of factors such as anonymity, location, allegation/incident type, and priority. Users will also be able to search for reports meeting specified criteria, and then export the results of their searches to a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, to perform analysis and create charts and graphs.

For more information, visit www.cipinkerton. com or call Heather Neumann at 800-446-7132.

Dome SensorWhats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

The Dome Sensor is a newly designed attachment method created to enhance customer displays in the hard-goods environment. It is compatible with any of the modular cable assembly parts.

The integrated connection socket gives the illusion of a direct-wired sensor.

The Dome Sensor attaches using double-sided tape and requires an adherence area of 1 inch (2 cm), thereby accommodating smaller merchandise.

The application works with the ProLink System and ProLink Strip.

Additionally, the Dome Sensor offers a quick-release feature and status-indicator LED.

To learn more, call 800-835-3580 or visit on-line at Orders can be placed on-line at, our exclusive on-line distributor.

Asset Protection Information System

From the design team at RuMe Corporation and RuMe Interactive comes the premiere of APISthe Asset Protection Information System. APIS2002 uses advanced technology to provide speed, whether it is installed on your corporate intranet or hosted on the Internet.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

APIS will manage cases, investigations, incidents, and human resource data. APIS also provides an advanced module to maintain your civil recovery and restitution program, automating letter processing and accounting functions to provide for account management in-house or through a third-party vendor. APIS also provides extensive statistical analysis, allowing for custom reports designed to facilitate breakdown and review of all of your security and loss prevention data when you need it and the way you want it.

APIS also includes our DataWeb feature. As an investigative tool, the DataWeb function links all related records together and displays a complete profile of associated persons, cases, investigations, and incidents. This instant access to investigative networking expedites the investigation process.

Training store personnel on APIS is accomplished using interactive training modules provided by Learn it Solutions. Our on-line training can be accessed anytime, anywhere, for initial training or for refresher training.

Enhancements to APIS in 2003 include safety and risk management modules as well as APISremote. The APISremote function allows you to process cases offline on your PC, laptop, or PDA, then upload the data to your on-line system.

Call 800-525-8247 to arrange an on-line demonstration.

e*Tag Quasar

Secura Key, a RFID technology company, has released its next generation e*Tag reader/writers. Featuring 13.56 MHz technology that meets ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 A/B standards, the e*Tag Quasar line includes several reader designs with a choice of RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand, and TTL communications.

Multiple tag reading and multiple transponder protocols are supported.

e*Tag Quasar reader/writers are suitable for point-of-sale and inventory control applications.

e*Tag transponders are available in durable plastic card or key tag form factors.

For more information, contact Steve Morris at 800-891-0020 or via email at

QuickChoice+ Retail

QuickChoice+ Retail is the latest applicant questionnaire and criminal history search from ChoicePoint and SecurTest, Inc. QuickChoice+ Retail is a new program designed exclusively for retail, food service, c-store, and loss prevention environments. It is for those employers wanting to quickly identify applicants without a history of theft, violence, criminal convictions, job terminations, sexual harassment, discrimination, current illegal drug use, and with a positive work history.

QuickChoice+ Retail is completed in about ten minutes using SecurTest software, by paper and pencil using a fax machine, or via interactive voice telephony. Results are provided instantly. Applicants answer eighty-five multiple choice and true/false questions, authored by loss prevention expert Steven C. Millwee, CPP.

QuickChoice+ Retail is usually given after completion of the application and initial interview. Retailers obtain national criminal conviction information by automatically searching ChoicePoints 20- million-plus criminal record sources, including federal fugitive files, state and county criminal record repositories, proprietary record information, and prison parole and release files.

QuickChoice+ Retail does not use applicant attitudes. It is not a predictive, honesty, or attitude test. QuickChoice+ Retail is designed to help reduce shrinkage, turnover, violence, and claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and negligent hiring. It identifies quality applicants with a strong work ethic. It produces manager friendly reports for a structured interview of the applicant.

For more information, call 800-445-8001 or go to

Fitting Room Security System

Se-Kure Controls, Inc. has developed a wireless fitting room security system that will identify those fitting rooms that are in use by your customers at any given point in time. Loss prevention personnel are able to determine which fitting room is being used by a suspected shoplifter, so that customer service can be provided by sales personnel and embarrassing intrusions by store personnel can be avoided.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

In addition, this installation will project the impression that your fitting rooms are carefully monitored, thereby adding a deterrent impact to the systems benefits.

This system utilizes infrared motion detection and wireless signals to light up a numbered message board installed at the entrance to each group of fitting rooms.

For more information contact John Mangiameli at 800-322-2435. View other Se- Kure Controls anti-shoplifting products at or contact the company at

Education is recognized globally as the treatment of choice for almost all social behavioral problems, including shoplifting. In the 2002 survey of 21,000 shoplifters, habitual shoplifters rated the SA educational programs to be of equal or greater value than prosecution in preventing repeat offenses. This is important because the majority of shoplifting incidents are repeat offenses, not first offenses. Recommending an education program to shoplifters is a proactive no-cost option for etailers, which can only have positive results.

For more information, call 800-848- 9595, email, or visit

Web-based Shoplifters Alternative Referral

A new web-based technology powered by Wazagua, a data management ASP, allows retailers to automatically refer the names of apprehended shoplifters to aShoplifters Alternative education program, where shoplifters can voluntarily seek help, understanding, and support from a confidential, national nonprofit organization to overcome their shoplifting problem.

The required web-based loss prevention data management software is free to users and allows the retailer to instantly and effortlessly reach shoplifters with no work, no cost, and no liability. The benefits to retailers include:

  • Preventing repeat shoplifting offenses
  • Hiring fewer dishonest employees
  • Identifying changing shoplifting patterns and gathering new statistics about the shoplifters in their stores
  • Increasing civil demand collections
  • Enhancing community relations
  • Creating customer loyalty, which can mean bigger future sales with little future risk.

DVMS Simplex Series

The DVMS Simplex series from Silent Witness is an intelligent, integrated multiplexer and digital recorder with 16, 8, 4, or 1 video input channels. In comparison to an analog VCR, the DVMS Simplex series is as easy to operate, without the time-consuming tape management and maintenance costs, and is less expensive to own and operate.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Based on a QNX real-time operating system, the DVMS Simplex is robust and stable providing mission-critical reliability. In the event of a power loss, the units fault-tolerant design allows for quick and reliable recovery. Secure, high-resolution digital recording and storage combined with an image authentication process to verify image integrity, ensures reliable, clear, transportable images all the time. All models connect up to four point-of-sale (POS) systems through one port, allowing detailed transaction information to be inserted on the recorded video. Full-featured event reporting such as motion detection, POS/ATM text monitoring, and audio recording ensure quick and easy access and retrieval of event-based clips.

Loss prevention personnel can manage and monitor several stores from a remote location via Remote Access Software (RAS). RAS allows for viewing and managing live or recorded video while simultaneously recording, and system configuration via a network or dial-up connection. With RAS, video clips can be quickly located, downloaded and archived for future access without reviewing hours of unrelated recorded video.

For more information, call 888-289-2288 or visit

Connected Retailer Application

The Connected RetailerTM loss prevention application from STS, an NSB Company, includes many features designed to improve the usability and functionality of the application. Highlights from the new release include the following:

  • Web-enabling the product allows users to access some functions over the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Investigators will be able to access the event grid view and system reports over the Internet.
  • Support for pre-audit transaction feed from sales audit will give investigators timely access to transactions. This adds to existing support for a post-audit transaction feed from sales audit.
  • Enhancements to the case management module will allow investigators to create and manage restitution schedules; open and manage cases not identified by the application, such as shoplifting cases; manage cases involving collusion between employees, and run summary reports on any open case.
  • Support for graphs allows users to chart the frequency of several of the most commonly occurring events in bar, pie, or line charts, resulting in greater impact or clarity for the user.
  • Transaction locator function allows investigators to call up a specific transaction and scroll through the transaction sequence before and after the one in question to give the user a better idea of what was happening at the register around that time.

For more information, visit or call 614-840-1448.

The Red Tag

The Red Tag system is a superior antitheft device to protect DVD and video games from retail shrink. The system features a hard plastic tag with embedded EAS label that locks the disc to the case and locks the case shut.

The design of the locking systems makes it virtually impossible to defeat Red Tag without causing damage to package or disc. The system works at three levels to effectively deter both consumer and professional theft:

  • First, the EAS element will alarm detection pedestals.
  • Second, to remove Red Tag, the thief must destroy the case.
  • Third, after destroying the case, the thief must still risk destroying the disc before he can free the disc.Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Insertion of Red Tag within case does not detract from the packaging, takes up no additional space on display shelves and can be used with shrink-wrap. It can only be removed with specifically designed detagger that is securely and permanently installed.

Red Tags are low cost, reusable devices that yield great economy for users.

AGI Media Packaging, the manufacturer of the Amaray DVD/game case invented and manufacturers the tag. The Tag Company is partnering with AGI to deliver the Red Tag to the marketplace.

For more information, visit

Telephone Incident Report System

A new proprietary Telephone Incident Reporting System (TIRS) has been developed for the security, property management, and loss prevention markets to simplify the way in which incidents are reported, reviewed, documented, and retrieved.

TIRS increases the speed of response, eliminates handwritten reports, and facilitates notifying multiple personnel simultaneously from multiple, remote locations. It is designed to be a foolproof, efficient, inexpensive, and simple reporting solution that requires no equipment other than a telephone, while providing real-time reporting of incidents with written verification.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

To report an incident, a toll-free telephone number is dialed. The person reporting the incident may identify himself or remain anonymous, depending on the situation. The system prompts the person to respond to a series of yes/no questions before they give a brief narrative report (up to 90 seconds), which is recorded. Immediately after the call, TIRS begins telephone, pager, and email notification of designated personnel. Upon answering a TIRS call, the person notified hears all of the pertinent facts, plus the recorded narrative. The email notification provides a WAV file that contains the narrative report. All notifications occur within minutes.

Developed primarily for security officers, TIRS is adaptable to the hospitality, restaurant, retail, housekeeping, and property management industries.

TIRS is also incorporated into the new Guard Patrol Information System (GPIS), a guard tour system that gathers and sorts field information, providing real-time notification of security officers while patrolling. GPIS and TIRS provide instant notification of patrol discrepancies.

For more information, call 888-665-8477or visit

Upcoming Trax Software Products

Shrink Trax for DSD focuses on preventing theft, errors, and fraud by backdoor deliverymen or vendors who deliver goods to retail stores. The new Shrink Trax DM2 for DSD is designed to analyze delivery and sales data for patterns indicative of theft or other shrink loss.

Store Walk is an advanced store inspection event manager that combines the convenience and flexibility of wireless technology with the power of knowledge-based store activity monitoring. Store managers can quickly and efficiently inspect their stores for over 120 store conditions and presentation audit points, perform periodic aisle inspection for clean and safe conditions, and conduct scheduled safety and maintenance inspections.

Shrink Trax for Sales is a powerful web-enabled software tool for executives and managers to track, analyze, and measure sales patterns and trends. It compares actual sales to budget, provides year-over-year comparison charts, and instantly provides weekly, monthly, 6-month, and annual charting. The departmental drill-down allows detailed analysis, and the built-in drill down allows detailed analysis, and the built-in logic alerts users to problematic trends on which to base sound decisions for future sales growth and operational improvement.

Shrink Trax for Scales brings smart production planning capabilities and shrink prevention to the meat department. By linking scale production data with POS sales data, it helps to eliminate the shrink from over production, markdowns, and shoplifting, as well as monitoring for optimal variety, freshness, and the underproduction that leads to lost sales by providing item by item control.

For more information, visit www.traxusa. com or call 480-948-0001.

Vector Vision Alarm Exception Reporting

Vector Vision is designed to assist LP professionals in analyzing alarm system activity within their protected properties with increased efficiency and speed.Exception reporting, real-time dial-up access, and on-line data entry processing can be combined to replace obsolete paper reports, fax transmissions, and the need for time-consumingg research to reach critical information.

Summary reports tally all exceptions activities including alarms, dispatches, forced arming, irregular opens/closes, and late events. This makes distinguishing trouble locations easier, allowing management to take more immediate actions. Detailed exceptions reports allow users to further research individual events by location, date, and time. When combined, these separate reports maximize management efficiency. Users can also make account information changes electronically with standardized data update forms transmitted directly to the National Accounts Division data entry department.

Vector Vision only requires standard computer software, a modem, and POTS telephone line to gain access from anywhere. Security is preserved through the use of the Safeword Platinum token card system.

For more information, call 724-779- 8810, extension 247, or visit

Avanta Security Integration Software

Avanta Security Integration Software from Vigilos lets retailers integrate CCTV with other data-generating subsystems, including POS, access control, intrusion, and barcode all via the web.

Avanta software is a platform that manages enterprise-wide data and stores that information in one central database. It is for retailers seeking to reduce shrink andtransaction fraud, while strengthening store, distribution center, and corporate security.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Integration of more systems. Avanta melds data from disparate security and operational systems, including access control, intrusion, barcode, and point-ofsale,and integrates that with the associated digital video data to deliver an enterprise-wide security information management system.

Real-time rules-based event reporting. Avanta lets users define the transactions, SKUs, out-of-range quantities, excessive void key, and no-sale transactions that they want to track.

Automatic, real-time notification. Store and investigative personnel can monitor more cases simultaneously and decrease case resolution time because they receive immediate and automatic notification when exception conditions are met.

Centralized storage of all transactions. Authorized users can share and access enterprise data and the associated video images, improving case management efficiency as investigators get the information they need more quickly.

Open architecture. No proprietary hardware is required to run Avanta. Industry-standard computers let enterprises select the desired brandhardware on which Avanta software is loaded.

Automatic software upgrades. IT staff is not burdened with installing and upgrading client/server software residing on each users computer. With Avanta, users only need to learn one interface, and they can view critical activity from multiple locations on one screen.

For more information, call 206-728-6464 or visit

Audit Management Web Solution

Wazagua integrates key functions of Case and Incident Management applications into Civil Demand and Restitution and includes the latest release of user-definable Audit Management systems providing wireless connectivity both on-line or off-line.

The Wazagua Audit Management Web Solution enables instant generation of any type or combination of audit. Create any yes/no questions with the ability to choose the correct answer. Generate questions with user-definable answers or text responses. In addition, the scoring can be weighted or non-weighted per question, and not applicable answers can be either acceptable or unacceptable.

Whats Ahead in Technology in 2003?

Once an audit has been completed, a scorecard may be generated in a memo format which displays the following:

  • Overall percentage score,
  • Classification for that score,
  • All or missed questions,
  • User comments per section, and
  • Other options.

Completed audits remain in the query for review and instant statistical ad-hoc and real-time report analysis. The scorecard can later be printed or emailed.

All Wazagua products are web-based and accessible via a standard web browser, allowing your workforce to enjoy the benefits of wireless technology and thereby enhancing productivity anywhere in the world.

The Wazagua Web-ware Suite may be seen by requesting a demonstration at ops@wazagua.comor calling.9419239131.

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