What You Should Know about Bandwidth Management

The global pandemic has pushed many businesses to remote surveillance and work from home programs to ensure the safety of their employees. These changes have increased load and demand on networks, making external network bandwidth a more pressing concern. Salient’s ProxyCast server reduces the strain on on-premise recording servers while allowing more users to access video from external networks, all while keeping the overall security architecture easier to manage.

In addition to Salient’s ProxyCast solution, Salient’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling further reduces the required bandwidth needed to serve users without any sacrifice to video quality. This capability makes it easy for users to access video from Salient’s CompleteView VMS using any client, including web browsers and mobile devices, without any additional cost or complexity.

Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS) provides unmatched bandwidth savings, enabling rapid access to live and pre-recorded video at low latency. With DRS, clients requesting video from the VMS receive only the resolution that they can display, maximizing the end user experience while minimizing the bandwidth consumed. Alternatives in the market typically send a higher resolution than what the client can display, meaning more processing on the client device and more bandwidth consumed. DRS allows organization to enable more users to access more cameras, while consuming much less bandwidth.

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