What Holds Us Back?

    Career development is a prime topic in the eyes of many loss prevention practitioners. When we talk about the evolution of loss prevention as a career path, we look at the many different steps that we might take as individuals to help move our careers forward. We speculate about what it takes to get ahead, and what we have to do to become a more complete professional.

    Many of us may put together a plan, whether formal or informal, that not only sets our objectives in motion but helps us stay on a path that keeps us moving forward. Sincere effort is often dedicated to staying on course—doing what it takes to find our way and follow our professional aspirations. But as life unfolds, plans change. Priorities are revised to fit different needs and personal agendas. And when we look at the infinite influences that impact the way that we live, work, and build a future, it becomes quite clear why many of us look back and wonder how we ended up where we are today. This isn’t an aspect of our career development that’s good or bad, it’s simply a footnote that provides us with personal perspective.

    Professional growth is something that most of us strive for. It’s one of the many things that we use to measure our quality of life, our contribution as individuals, and our personal legacy as it pertains to every aspect of who we are and what we do. As we continue to move ahead we often seek guidance and direction; trying to identify the mentors, lessons, habits, and experiences that help us move forward. But just as important as reflecting on the things that can help us move forward is taking a closer look at some of the things that hold us back.

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    Every career is built on the decisions that lead us in a particular direction. Those of us in loss prevention are very familiar with this concept, as very few of us considered loss prevention as our top career path when we first entered the work force. But as career professionals and having made the decision to follow this journey, what are some of the things that hold us back? Talent is never the lone driver in our quest to reach the pinnacle of our professional aspirations. Understanding our personal and professional hurdles can give us a better perspective, make us better at what we do, and help us make more informed decisions as we move forward.

    This week’s LP Magazine Instant Poll Question asks, In general terms, what do you feel is the number one factor that holds back most loss prevention professionals from reaching their career goals?

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