Welcome Back

Getting back to normal, right? Whatever normal is. At least back to where we were before COVID-19. It is fun again to get to see people after almost two years. That means traveling again. You may have forgotten some of the travel perks. I made a couple of trips in the past month and was reminded. Here are just some of those I was thinking about and actually experienced again.

Air Travel

The airport seemed more crowded, and there were fewer airline personnel. It was also a fact here at my airport that a few of the parking lots were closed. They need to hire some people.

Wow, what happened to getting through airport security quickly? There were almost as many in the TSA PreCheck line as in the normal screening line. Okay, so I didn’t have to take my shoes off.

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I let my airline club membership lapse and found out the price to renew has jumped dramatically. I think I’ll pass.

Some things never change. Most everyone still crowded around the jetway door regardless of their status for boarding. I never have understood the urgency to get on board, with the exception of sneaking an oversized bag on the plane.

Oh, yes, I still wore my mask. Wonder when that will change?

The plane seemed more crowded. I should have upgraded to first class. There were still plenty of center seats available in coach.

Delays are just a part of the deal with flying, particularly in the summer. One thing has not changed. When the flight attendant asked those who were not in a hurry to stay seated and take a different flight so those at risk of missing their connection could depart, no one complied. It seems most travelers still can’t wait to get off the plane. So much for common courtesy.


If you get to your hotel too early, you are going to get a room farthest from the elevator. If you get there too late, you likely get a room next to the noisy elevator. What’s a good time to check in?

I got enraged over this next one. I loaded up my briefcase and travel bag and walked to the elevator that took me to floor where my room was located. Upon trying my card key and, with hands full, I couldn’t get the door to open. I always get two keys, so I tried the other key—no luck. I went back to the front desk with hands full of bags. Maybe I should have put my bags by the door. I might have needed my hands for gestures at the front desk clerk.

I always have such a struggle with room temperature. It’s either too hot or too cold. I opted for too cold and a blanket.

After a nice dinner and great company, when I returned to the hotel, the only open space to park was in the back. Even the handicapped spaces were taken.

The hotel still had those “free” breakfasts—a banana, apple, fruit juice, bagel, pastry, muffin, maybe some oatmeal. Not a lot of choice for a diabetic.

I bet you can think of a few “perks” of traveling yourself. How about a handshake on that? Or is it a fist bump, elbow bump, or can you really shake hands? Welcome back to traveling and seeing people again. It’s all worth it!


The year 2021 is the year of the ox. That means good luck and the year of relationships. Our luck at the magazine is that this is the twentieth anniversary of publishing LP Magazine. We will celebrate our anniversary at our annual meeting at Sanibel Island, Florida, in early November. We are very proud and feel fortunate to have had so much help from the retail industry over these past twenty years. Thank you.

This year also marks twenty years since the 9/11 attacks on America. Our world changed forever on that day. I keep the second issue of the magazine in a case by my desk as a reminder. The cover depicts a fireman holding an American flag standing in the rubble of the towers. Let us always remember those lost and say our prayers.

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