Weis Markets to Implement VeriBalance Currency Management Solution

Balance Innovations has signed an agreement with Weis Markets to provide its VeriBalance currency management software and its vbInSight corporate reporting software in all 162 locations, as well as self-checkout management solution vbScout in its stores offering self-checkout.

“We’re excited to work with Balance Innovations to bring automation and more visibility to the cash management in our stores,” said Kim McGregor, director of customer service for Weis Markets. “Greater efficiency in this area will give us more time to focus on our customers and provide them the best experience possible.”

Working together, the solutions will provide Weis Markets with comprehensive currency management. The solutions will significantly reduce store-level bookkeeping time and give corporate greater visibility of store activity – such as cash on hand, cashier and bookkeeper performance, store compliance, and deposit tracking – allowing them to identify and address issues quickly.

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VeriBalance will automate Weis Markets’ cash office tasks, cutting time and opportunity for errors, in turn allowing that valuable, trusted staff to perform other duties throughout the store.

vbInSight will enable users at the corporate level to track store activity and performance without searching through dozens of large spreadsheets for pertinent data or travelling to stores to investigate issues.

vbScout will free up capital by reducing cash levels in self-checkouts throughout the organization. It will also increase self-checkout uptime for Weis Markets customers by reducing the time spent balancing the devices.

“Our software solutions bring simplicity and clarity to Weis Markets’ currency management process,” said Darren Knipp, president and CEO of Balance Innovations. “They are a great partner, and we’re thrilled to be a part of how they operate their business.”

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