Warnings of Holiday Theft Surge

CargoNet has issued a warning about a potential rise in thefts during next week’s US Thanksgiving holiday.

The freight tracking and recovery company said Thursday that each holiday, cargo thieves seek to exploit the abundance of loaded trailers and warehouses that will remain unattended for an extended period of time.

“In order to inform industry professionals of the highest theft risks, CargoNet reviewed trucking theft data from the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving to the Monday following Thanksgiving for 2015 to 2019,” it said.

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CargoNet recorded 123 theft events in the days leading up to Thanksgiving or the days immediately after.

There were 144 trucks, trailers, chassis and containers stolen, it said.

Theft events were highest in California, Texas and Georgia, but were recorded in other states too.

Theft activity peaked on the day before Thanksgiving with 23 events, but activity was also high on the Friday and Saturday following with 21 events each, it said.

Cargo thieves stole a variety of goods during this analysis period, but some of the most commonly targeted items included: televisions, alcoholic beverages and major appliances, the company said.

“We caution that thefts of electronics have been down in 2020, while thefts of household paper products like toilet paper, cleaning products like disinfectant spray, and PPE have increased,” CargoNet said.

Supply chain professionals can mitigate theft by parking unattended equipment and cargo in high-security yards with tall fences, surveillance video and high-visibility lighting, it said.

Noteworthy thefts from previous Thanksgiving weeks:

  • $527,863 theft of coffee and peanuts from a warehouse in Union City, Georgia
  • $481,000 theft of liquor from a warehouse in Orlando, Florida
  • $414,255 theft of footwear from a secured yard in Kearny, New Jersey
  • $319,150 theft of candy from an unsecured yard in Douglasville, Georgia
  • $308,293 theft of televisions from an unsecured yard in Fontana,California

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