Want to be a Part of NRF PROTECT This Week? Here’s Your Opportunity


As promised, LP Magazine Online will be conducting regular polls to provide a greater opportunity to actively interact with your peers, industry leadership, and the entire loss prevention community. Each week we will be asking you to answer questions and provide your opinions on topics that you want to discuss.

Last week’s poll question asked, If you are not attending but were given the opportunity to participate in the NRF PROTECT Conference, would you choose to attend?

Here are the results:

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As our survey clearly indicates, an overwhelming 84 percent of respondents would choose to attend the conference if given the opportunity.

Of the remaining respondents, 14 percent state that they simply don’t know enough about the conference to make an informed decision one way or another.

Based on these results, LP Magazine Online has decided that in response we should take steps to give you a greater opportunity to learn more about the conference experience, and get more involved in the conference itself.

Starting Wednesday and running through Friday, LP Magazine will be reporting from the NRF PROTECT Conference in Los Angeles, and provide you with additional opportunities to actively participate in the conference experience.

Each morning we will provide a recap of the events from the day before to give you a greater feel for how the event unfolds. But we also want our coverage to reflect your thoughts, views, and opinions. Therefore, we will conduct a survey each day asking for your insights on a particular topic related to the conference, and we will respond accordingly based on your feedback.

If you would like to sign up to receive this week’s email blast covering the 2015 NRF PROTECT in greater detail, click here.

Let’s begin by looking at a simple task that is required of every attendee:

NRF PROTECT will have different types of sessions that take place during the conference, providing both General Sessions that are intended for the entire attendee audience to participate, and Breakout Sessions that provide attendees with difference subject options based upon their particular needs and interests.

An important aspect of the conference experience is deciding which Breakout Sessions to attend. There are many different options—all of which can help you develop your career and enhance your personal and company performance. Conference leadership looks at both topics and speakers that will offer subject matter expertise and valued learning experiences for the attendees, and the speakers then put extensive time and effort into building a quality presentation for the audience.

To get a better feel for the sessions available as part of NRF PROTECT 2015, you can review session details by visiting http://nrfprotect15.nrf.com/schedule-glance.

So here’s our poll question:

If you’re not able to attend the 2015 NRF PROTECT Conference but were given the opportunity to attend one session during Wednesday’s 2:00 pm sessions, which session would you attend?

  1. Be Prepared: Ensuring Your Incident Response Plan Protects Your People and Your Brand
  2. Catapult Your Career! Developing Tomorrow’s LP Leaders, Today
  3. Embracing Emerging Technologies in Retail
  4. What’s Next for Data Privacy – A Conversation about Policy in 2015
  5. I would not be interested in attending any of these sessions

Your feedback will determine which of the breakout sessions we will attend, and we will then report on the session itself, providing more information on the topic for your benefit.

To participate in the poll, click here.

Your ideas and opinions can make a difference, and we want to provide any opportunity that we can to give you that voice. Every one of us has the ability to influence change and help shape the future of the industry. However, it’s still up to you to seize the opportunity and make sure that your voice is heard. We look forward to sharing your voice as part of NRF PROTECT 2015!

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