VideoEdge 1U Network Video Recorder Offers Versatile Camera Management for Small to Medium Businesses

Johnson Controls has recently introduced the VideoEdge 1U Network Video Recorder from American Dynamics, reportedly an ideal camera management solution when simple, low-cost installations and scalable video storage capacity is a priority. The VideoEdge 1U NVR’s 16 embedded software configurable Power over Ethernet ports reportedly help small- to medium-sized businesses seeking a quick-to-install, cost-effective video recording option.

The versatile VideoEdge 1U NVR supports as many as 32 IP cameras and stores up to 24 TB of recorded video in a small 1U form factor, enabling small- to medium-sized businesses to meet their network growth requirements. With embedded PoE switches, users can expect faster installation times as well as reduced hardware requirements and downtime.

Embedded intelligence allows users to receive multiple video streams for live and recorded video, alarm, and meta-data collection, all tailored to different viewing conditions. The end result is superior video with significantly reduced network bandwidth, CPU resources and memory usage. Multicast video streams further reduce the bandwidth required for streaming high-quality video.

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Additionally, users can set up analytics on Illustra cameras and other cameras directly from VideoEdge 1U. The system’s analytics capabilities information can be gathered for countless business and security needs. When used in retail settings, additional point-of-sale text integration can be used to identify fraud or track cashier competence as well.

“The value gained by leveraging data from VideoEdge 1U NVR’s powerful analytics not only enhances security applications by tracking behaviors but also by capturing consumer metrics and using it to shape business-critical plans and functions,” said Mike Tabola, senior product manager, building technologies and solutions, Johnson Controls. “These benefits come in a unit designed with the smaller user’s need for easy installation and unique requirements in mind.”

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