Video: Workers Brawl with Accused Shoplifters inside Supermarket

A shopper captured footage of a wild brawl between employees and two suspected shoplifters at a supermarket in Yonkers. The incident occurred at the Shop Fair supermarket in Getty Square on Monday as the argument between staffers and the shoppers resulted in blows.

“Look what they doing! Look what they doing to my brother!” yelled the second man, wearing a blue, white and red jacket. One suspect who was pinned to the floor was heard repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe!” At one point, a second suspect was then captured kicking and punching several other staff members surrounding him.

“Call the cops and let them handle it,” a staff member wearing a “Blessed” shirt before he walked one of the suspects out of the store. The person recording the fight repeated that he had seen this behavior before. “They do this all the time. This is not right!,” he said.

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Store manager Eddie Duran said that five employees have been reprimanded over the violence, according to The New York Post…  1010 WINS

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