VIDEO: Shows Events Leading to Shoplifting Suspect’s Death

The City of Conway, Arkansas and the Conway Police Department have released an edited video showing the events that led to in-custody death on February 4, 2020. Lionel Morris, 39, died after a struggle with Conway police.

In the video, you can see police confront a Morris and woman inside a grocery store. Morris runs, but is quickly caught and a struggle between with officers follows. Police say they tased Morris multiple times while trying to regain control.

Conway Police Chief William Tapley said during the tasing, Morris said he was in medical distress while he was still fighting. Conway police say Morris reached for a knife and put an officer in a chokehold. According to police, an officer grabbed the knife and threw it.

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More officers were called to the store, and Morris was rolled into a “recovery position” after he was subdued. Officers also called emergency services, according to Tapley. Officials say the autopsy determined Morris tested positive for multiple drugs, including methamphetamine and morphine. According to Tapley, the level of drugs and strain ultimately contributed to Morris’ death…  3KSN News

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