Video: Shoplifting Incident That Led to Police Shooting, Chase, Escape

Beachwood police have released new video from an alleged shoplifting incident at Beachwood Mall in Ohio that led to a shooting and chase last month.

The body and dash camera video shows the moment a police officer spotted the suspect—identified as Jaquan Jones—inside of Saks Fifth Avenue on June 27th, where he was allegedly stealing. The footage shows the officer chasing after Jones, but briefly losing him. Another officer’s dash cam shows Jones running from the bushes outside the mall to what police say was a stolen car.

In the video, an officer tells Jones to stop, but he gets inside of the car and speeds off, running over the officer’s foot, police said. The officer shot at least two rounds at Jones before he led them on a dangerous chase northbound to the area of Richmond Heights, where he abandoned the car and fled on foot. It’s unclear if Jones was hurt in the shooting.

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Officers searched for hours, but could only find Jones’ sweatshirt and a gun in a grassy, wooded area near where he ditched the car. Jones is still not in police custody. He’s wanted on multiple charges, including felonious assault. The officer who opened fire was placed on administrative leave… WKYC3 News

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