VIDEO: Shoplifter’s Getaway Van Drives Through Store Injuring Couple, Baby

A couple and their young son are lucky to be alive after an alleged shoplifter crashed a van into a department store and hit the family. Just-released surveillance video shows what Rachelle Vannier, Chris Lowe and their 10-month-old son went through at a Ross store in Washington the week before Christmas. “I’m honestly amazed that we made it through that,” said Rachelle Vannier.

Rachelle and Chris were with their son Kingsley while doing some Christmas shopping the night of December 16 in Burien, Washington. The trio can be seen near the entrance of the store in the video. Vannier, who is wearing red, was holding her son and standing next to Chris, who is wearing white. Suddenly, something they would never have expected to happen, happened.

“Like it felt like slow motion, but it was very quick,” said Lowe. A van can be seen crashing into the store, striking Rachelle, Chris and Kingsley. Rachelle can be seen near the front of the van before disappearing underneath.

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The footage is something the King County Sheriff’s Office says will help with the investigation, because it pieces together exactly where people were, and what was going on at the time of the crash.

“Really paints the picture of exactly what it was like,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s amazing to know that these people survived, everybody survived this horrific crash.”

Rachelle suffered a leg injury and Chris broke his leg. The couple’s son Kinglsey managed to suffer only minor bruises. “My parents keep saying they’re … they’re just so grateful they’re not planning three funerals,” said Rachelle. “You can take somebody’s loved one in an instant.” Investigators say the van was a getaway vehicle for alleged shoplifters inside the store. CNN Newsource contributed to this report… WISHTV8 News

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