Video: Police Sergeant Injured Chasing Grab-and-Go Crew

A Georgia police officer is recovering with a broken arm after a foot chase with some suspects in a high-end clothing and perfume caper. Two sisters are in jail and a third male suspect is still on the run. Police dash video surveillance showed the end of a Morrow police pursuit of a red getaway car which got boxed in on traffic.

The woman driver and male passenger bolted for freedom, leaving behind thousands of dollars in high-end perfumes and clothing. Morrow Police Chief James Callaway said a search warrant led to the discovery of the loot in the Dodge Sedan. He said the goods were stolen Thursday afternoon from Macy’s at Southlake Mall. Chief Callaway said the thieves tried to avoid setting off store sensors by putting clothes inside what’s known as a booster bag.

“It’s aluminum foil inside of a bag and they try to defeat the sensors inside the stores, of course, it doesn’t work,” said Chief Callaway. Bodycam shows an injured Sergeant Chung Quatch. The chief said Sergeant Quatch broke his arm trying to catch the thieves. He’s since been… Fox5 News

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