Video: Good Samaritan Takes Out Fleeing Shoplifter with Shopping Cart

According to authorities, the Walmart shopper stepped up to help police catch the man who was on the run trying to get away. Surveillance footage shows the hero pushing the shopping car into the path of the shoplifter, which caused him to fall to the ground. The shoplifter attempts to stand up, but trips once more, as police officers finally catch up to him.

After police arrested the criminal, the video also shows other shoppers help the hero pick up his purchases that were all thrown due to his brave actions. Police did thank the man for his help in catching the criminal. Sergeant Chris Hyatt with Peachtree City Police stated, “He was able to help us take him into custody without injury to anyone including the offender.” Police later identified the suspect at 41-year-old Marcus Smith from Forsyth, Georgia. He is charged with felony shoplifting and obstruction… Rare.US

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