Video: Fleeing Shoplifter Runs Down Feisty, Elderly Man on Scooter… Twice

A New Jersey shoplifter who was trying to make a getaway from the Walmart in Bayonne on Sunday ran over a disabled man on his scooter twice before she hit a police car (video on website).

The Bayonne Police Department said that incident began on October 13 after 34-year-old Siedah Smith got caught stealing $235 in merchandise from the Walmart, the New York Post reported. Police said she tried to get out of the store using a receipt she had found in the garbage, a “common practice” amongst shoplifters.

But Smith’s escape was hampered when she ran her car into an elderly, disabled man on a scooter in the store’s parking lot.

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The arrest report showed that Smitrh dragged the man and his scooter at least 10 feet before she crashed head-on into the police car and stopped, the New York Post reported. A cell phone video filmed by a witness in the parking lot showed that the elderly man was thrown from his scooter and landed on the pavement near the police car.

Off-camera, officers can be heard ordering Smith out of her car. And Smith can be heard arguing with the police officers. “Are you okay?” somebody asked the elderly man on the ground. “Crazy motherf**ker!” the man yelled at Smith. “You crazy b**ch!” “Get on the ground. On the ground,” an officer ordered Smith. “On the ground, like me, you dolt!” the elderly man screamed in outrage at the woman who had run him down.

“Shoot her!” the man suggested to police as they began to take Smith into custody. “Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her!” Smith was arrested and charged with robbery, aggravated assault, hindering apprehension, and aggravated assault with a weapon for the use of her car, the… Defense Mavin

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