Video: Brutal Assault of Security Guard; $9K Offered to ID Suspect

The Aurora Police Department is asking for help after a security officer was attacked by a man who was shoplifting from King Soopers in Aurora, Colorado. The incident happened on October 6 at 11 p.m. at 15250 East Mississippi Avenue in Aurora, according to police. Police say the security officer tried to stop the shoplifter when he was brutally assaulted outside the main doors of the store. The officer was knocked unconscious by the suspect, according to police.

While the security guard was unconscious, a Good Samaritan stepped in and stopped the assault, according to police. APD says the security guard is recovering from severe injuries at home.

“He did not have to brutally assault the security officer over some groceries,” said Crystal McCoy, Aurora Police Department spokesperson. “This assault was so bad at one point, he kicked the security officer in the face, leaving the suspect’s shoe print on his face and if it weren’t for someone stepping in and doing the right thing, the assault would’ve continued, who knows what the security officers condition would be today. We can’t let this happen to our security officers. Not in our community not in our grocery stores. This is completely unacceptable.” The suspect was… Fox31 News

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