Video: 4 Thieves Mace Loss Prevention Associates during ‘Grab and Run’

A group of women who stole a “large amount of clothing” maced employees at Macy’s in St. Clair (Illinois) Square Tuesday night, Fairview Heights police said.

Police said four women walked in the store, grabbed the clothes and began to walk toward the door. Two loss prevention officers tried to stop them. Three of the women ran out of the store, police said. The fourth woman stopped and sprayed mace into the faces of the loss prevention officers.

One of the employees was able to grab some of the clothing before the four women took off in a car that was waiting in the parking lot. It’s unclear if there was a fifth person in the car. The employees declined medical attention, police said.

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Fairview Heights police provided surveillance video that shows a silver Chevrolet Malibu pull up to the store’s doors. The video showed the women enter the store and run out minutes later… KSDK5 News

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