Video: 4 Burglars Clean out Phone Store

Cameras at a Miami, Florida, store caught a band of thieves bagging over $4,000 in cellphones and cash. They then went into the bathroom and vanished. Now, cops are asking you to help identify the crafty burglars. Recently released surveillance video of the overnight theft shows four men — their faces covered — rummaging through The Global Cellulars Store, 2199 NW 20th St., late last month.

The store manager says they broke into the empty business space next door and made a hole into Global Cellulars’ bathroom. The alarm next to the bathroom never went off and was ripped out, he said. The cameras caught the men throwing merchandise off the shelves into bags and rummaging through drawers and the cash register. One of them can be seen in the office, where he is said to have pocketed cash.

They then left through the bathroom hole, according to police. The manager thinks they were waiting to see if the alarm would go off because an hour later, they were back in the store, stealing more merchandise. They then tried to cover their tracks… Miami Herald

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