USS Provides Solution to Detect Unauthorized Magnets In Stores

Since the dawn of modern commerce as we know it, thieves have adapted and adopted new techniques and strategies to overcoming the ever-evolving and improving anti-theft and security measures used by merchants and retailer. Unfortunately, it is often the device removal technology provided to staff that is exploited and abused.

Such is the case with rare earth magnets or shaped metal “hooks” that are used to disarm and remove loss prevention devices that leverage electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology. As these detachers become more readily available and easily accessed by petty thieves and organized retail crime rings, retailers are facing greater loss and are left with fewer protection options, as EAS has been the primary technology used since the late 1960s.

Given this dire situation, retail loss prevention technology provider and innovator, USS, has unveiled their solution to the disturbing trend of EAS defeats at the hands of unauthorized magnetic detachers; the USS Magnet Detection Module.

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This wireless and versatile solution pairs up to 10 easily mountable sensor units to a remote control panel to create a powerful and effective, yet discreet, field of magnetic detection that is reportedly ideal for store entrances, exits, stockroom and fitting room environments: all areas where unauthorized instances of EAS removal are most likely to occur.

This means if shoplifters or dishonest employees bring a magnet and/or magnetic detacher into an area where the Magnet Detection Module has been implemented, loss prevention staff are notified immediately via optional audio and/or visual alarms. In addition, these alarm events may be captured, time-stamped and recorded on your existing video management software (VMS) when used with our optional interface.

Available in black or grey, and offering an unprecedented up to 150-foot transmittal range between the device control panel and its detection module units, as well as providing 36 inches of accurate and powerful detection per module unit, the Magnet Detection Module is the discreet and effective cure-all for the growing EAS magnet defeat threat plaguing retailers and solution providers alike.

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