USS Partners For IMPACT

USS, a retail security solution provider, recently sponsored and exhibit in the Loss Prevention Research Council’s (LPRC) 2016 LPRC Impact event, October 9 and 10.

According to USS Vice President of Sales Brent Onan (right), the event was a resounding success, but the real victory was the result of a solid and continued partnership between the research group, solution provider and a major retail company.

“USS, LPRC and a nationwide retailer collaborated to achieve a common goal,” he said. “That goal being the development of an effective solution that not only reduces shrink, but also the number of tag defeats, while being faster and easier for associates to apply and remove.”

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Onan went on to describe the unique perspectives and critical information that each branch of the partnership brought to the table, and how in working in tandem, they present a mutually beneficial relationship.

“As loss prevention practitioners ourselves, USS and retailers have an immediate and concentrated focus on shrink reduction,” he said. “We have the technology and the experience; with the Council’s access to research tools, innovation labs and telling analytical resources, the LRPC injects the criminal aspect, including the offenders’ reactions and perceptions of the antitheft technology we pioneer.”

“In a climate where organized retail crime rings are constantly adapting their methods and strategies, it more crucial than ever that we have the tools and ability to understand and anticipate current trends,” said Onan. “Our partnerships, like our relationship with LPRC, are essential to allowing us to accomplish this comprehensive anticipation and execution on all fronts.”

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