USS Announces AM Label Product Line

USS, recently announced the organization’s ability to manufacture and sell its own line of dual resonator acousto-magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels.

The announcement is reportedly significant given a long-standing, exclusive patent on all dual resonator label technology held by a major international competitor; a deal that only very recently expired.

Dual resonator AM labels use a strip of magnetostrictive, ferromagnetic amorphous metal (metglas), coupled with a strip of magnetically semi-hard metallic strips. Together, when in an activated state, the strips interact with frequencies emitted by EAS detection systems to activate alarms to alert and prevent cases of accidental or intentional theft. The labels small size, footprint, low cost and ease of application and deactivation, make the product ideal for merchandise source tagging and anti-organized retail crime (ORC) efforts.

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USS Chief Technology Officer Robert Simoneau expressed his expectations and excitement for the new product, considering the patent-lift.

“It’s not often we are given an opportunity as rich as the one before us now,” he said. “Now that customers have choices for their AM label selection, I’m confident that our products unique benefits, combined with our teams’ relentless devotion to customer service, will make a significant and positive impact for the retail and loss prevention communities.”

With USS’ newfound ability to produce their own, in-house, dual resonator AM labels, the solution provider and consumers alike are afforded several key advantages, which include product customization that allows for product branding and plastic dye color options, more consistent detection, competitive pricing and perhaps what is most valuable, a true provider partnership, backed by USS’ reputation for listening, solving and delivering for its clientele.

USS’ new AM label line is just one of the many innovations at work from the provider’s research and development team, as Robert Simoneau reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to enhancing the industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

“In our labs, our focus is always on the future,” he said. “We’re not here to play catch-up; we’re not afraid to find out what works, by discovering what doesn’t work. We’re paving the path that will revolutionize our industry’s approach loss prevention.”

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