US Customs Seize 2,000 OnePlus Buds Thinking They’re Counterfeit AirPods; They Weren’t

US Customs and Border Protection proudly announced a few days ago that on August 31 it had seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods, sent to New York’s JFK Airport from Hong Kong. “If the merchandise were genuine,” the CBP press release proclaims, “the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) would have been $398,000.”

That’s a slight miscalculation, because the actual value of the cargo is $158,000. How do we know? Because that’s how much 2,000 OnePlus Buds cost. And in the photo posted alongside the press release, as well as in a CBP tweet, we see that the “counterfeit AirPods” are, in fact, OnePlus Buds.

Replying to the tweet, OnePlus USA wrote: “Hey, give those back!” On Monday, the company alluded to the incident again in a separate tweet. “Seize the day. Seize the music. #OnePlusBuds” it wrote…  c|net

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