U.S. Security: A Suite of Services

U.S. Security Associates Inc, Retail Loss Prevention Services Group provides a “Suite of Services” to the retail community. We provide Loss prevention associates to apprehend shoplifters, store greeters to help deter shoplifters and armed and unarmed security officers, making your stores “harder targets.” We provide temporary and permanent assignments. All U.S. employees must pass a thorough background screening, drug testing, & certification from our Training Academy. You no longer have to spend long hours dealing with day-to-day minutiae of managing loss prevention agents; instead you can focus on internal theft, operational controls and safety programs. This increases your loss prevention manager’s value to the company while decreasing their loss prevention headaches, as they can defer loss prevention store personnel functions to U.S. Security’s management team. We meet all state license requirements. U.S. Security Associates has 160 offices, including locations in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

Visit the U.S. Security Associates website to learn more.

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