Tyco Security Products Introduces Video Intelligence Analytics

Tyco Security Products

Tyco Security Products introduces video intelligence analytics at the edge for Illustra IP cameras to improve security operations and reduce response time.

Illustra now offers its IP camera customers powerful video intelligence analytics to automatically analyze captured video and alert users of specific motion-detected activities. The intelligence analytics alert operators of key events that need immediate attention for perimeter detection in airports and critical infrastructure and give additional insight to daily operations, such as crowd monitoring for retail applications. For example, if a line is forming in the wrong direction or a bag is left unattended in a restricted area for a period of time, operators will be notified instantly to take action.

Available on the Illustra Pro 2, 3 and 5 megapixel mini-dome IP camera series, Illustra video intelligence analytics automatically detect alarms for suspicious events. With the analytics on the edge, Illustra reportedly creates a cost-effective solution without the need for a dedicated analytics server. These analytics are easily integrated with exacqVision network video recorders and VMS software and American Dynamics VideoEdge network video recorders and victor video management system.

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“These new sophisticated onboard video analytics gives our customers a valuable tool to minimize operator’s time searching video and improve operational efficiencies, delivering a better customer experience,” said James Voss, senior product manager, Tyco Security Products.

Illustra intelligence analytics offers nine new video analytic rule options:

  • Object removed identifies objects that have been taken away from a specific region.
  • Linger alarm automatically detects loitering in an area for longer than an extended period of time.
  • Abandoned object discovers when an object has been left alone for a predefined amount of time.
  • Enter/exit triggers an alarm if an object or person crosses a specific detection zone.
  • Crowd formation finds a specific amount of people forming in a predefined space.
  • Dwell analysis alerts users if an object or person has spent a significant amount of time in the same place.

Through the intuitive Illustra camera configuration page, users can easily activate and save video intelligence analytic rules. Each analytic rule can be given a unique name and easily drawn over the desired area to monitor.

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