Tyco Security Products Integrates Manitou Central Station Software from Bold Technologies

Tyco Security Systems

Tyco Security Products now offers enhanced integration between its SG-System 5 receiver and Bold Technologies’ Manitou central station software. The enhanced integration means that Manitou now supports visual alarm verification provided through SG-System 5 to provide central stations with the tools they need to more accurately access alarm situations and to reduce false alarms.

The SG-System 5 IP-based receiver supports visual verification via its compatibility with the DSC PowerSeries Neo platform and wireless PowerG PIR Security motion detectors with camera. When an alarm is triggered, the SG-System 5 receiver can instantly send still images – one clip every two second for a 10 second post alarm clip – into Manitou for assessment and possible action by authorities. The benefit of the systems integration is that it can help to reduce the possibility of costly false alarms, while at the same time providing valuable information in a real alarm situation.

“Our partnership with the Manitou software from Bold Technologies provides central stations with the optimized solutions available to help central station operators manage and quickly respond to alarms,” said Dwayne Salsman, senior product manager, Tyco Security Products. “Our SG-System 5 receiver reduces the cost of ownership to central stations by cutting down on costly false alarms.”

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Bold Technologies’ flagship product, Manitou, centralizes alarm handling functions to provide “One Point of Control,” removing the requirement for central stations to maintain multiple systems and allowing immediate reductions in data entry time, operator error and training over multiple systems. Manitou incorporates video, access control, GPS, PERS devices into a single interface for the central station operator.

“We are excited to work with Tyco Security Products to enable visual verification in Manitou through SG-System 5,” said Rod Coles, CEO of Bold Technologies. “The SG-System 5 is built on the Sur-Gard quality standards and is one of the more popular receivers that our customers utilize. Offering this enhancement functionality will mutually benefit our customers.”

SG-System 5 offers important features such as integrated redundancy and future-proofing through its capacity to monitor up to 1,474,560 IP cellular or Ethernet communicators through upgradeable memory or license keys.

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