Tyco Security Products Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation with Kantech Access Control

Tyco Security Products is proud to announce that the Kantech access control product line is celebrating its 30th year, marking a history of innovation, integrity and usability to make it one of the most well-known and respected access control brands in the market today. From its first KT-100 and KT-200 door controllers to its integrated INTEVO, its complete security solution, and KT-1 door controller with single button enrollment, Kantech has redefined the user experience for small to medium sized businesses globally by offering innovative and technologically progressive solutions that are easy to deploy, configure and manage.

Since its beginnings in 1986, Kantech has incorporated the latest technological innovations into security applications that are intuitive for the user regardless of their security expertise. As access control has evolved from a standalone security application into an important business tool for many organizations, Kantech focused on providing full-featured solutions that maintain a streamlined user experience and intuitive installation for its installers.

“As a systems integrator who has been in business for more than 25 years, I can attest that Kantech has mastered the art of taking a new technology and reinterpreting it in a way that makes it accessible and easy to use,” said Jean Rho, owner and founder of systems integrators Technilogic Technical Consultants, Inc., based in Montreal. “At the same time, the company has developed a reputation for product integrity. I still support customers using the KT-200 door controller, which was released 25 years ago. That’s a real testament to Kantech’s products’ quality.”

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Applications such as EntraPass Web and EntraPass Go mobile app enable security operators and managed service providers to manage security remotely. Innovations such as INTEVO, a preconfigured, out of the box solution that integrates Kantech’s EntraPass software and exacqVision video management software, and supports DSC intrusion alarm panel integration, is easy to configure and features a customized dashboard for comprehensive system management. For its partners, Kantech has streamlined set-up and installation and reduced costs for its partners by pioneering Access Control Starter Kits to include all of the components needed to deploy a system. Through Tyco Security Products’ Connected Partner Program, systems integrators and distributors are also able to integrate technologies from third party partners.

“Kantech has always been known for its innovative spirit, adaptability and loyal dealer network and that tradition continues,” said Jason Ouellette, Product Line Director, Access Control, for Tyco Security Products. “Kantech’s current product line brings the latest and best that the industry has to offer to the SMB market, including an integrative, complete security solution that typically is only offered to enterprise sized businesses.”

In addition to its ingenuity in incorporating new technologies through integrations, the team behind the Kantech brand has a long history of exemplary customer service, with hands-on trouble-shooting support. This team solicits feedback from dealers for use in product development and updates, and has recently launched the Kantech hattrix Five Diamond Program, a new cloud-based access control partnership program for managed service providers (MSPs) who are active in or interested in offering hosted or managed access control services.

Technical support and research & development units are located at the Tyco Security Products site in Montreal, which is a Tyco Global Center of Excellence (GCoE). The Center serves as a single point of contact for all global security needs, developing standards, technical specifications and detailed work plans that enable consistent security installations globally. It also provides customers with remote system audit services to verify functionality and compliance to corporate standards.

To learn more about Kantech, visit www.kantech.com.

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