Tyco Retail Solutions Announces Sensormatic InFuzion Tag

Tyco Retail Solutions has recently announced its Sensormatic InFuzion tag, the first in the new InFuzion Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tagging series, which aims to provide new value for retailers. It offers flexibility to upgrade to other options later by leveraging different technologies and loss prevention capabilities to satisfy many retailers’ needs. InFuzion combines ease of use and high-level merchandise protection into a simple one-piece integrated tag for faster application and removal, freeing associates from operational tasks to assist customers. This new generation of tagging innovation is designed to provide operational savings while reducing shoppers’ wait time to check out.

The InFuzion tag also lays the foundation to enable secure loss prevention with self-checkout, as well as mobile app scan-and-go capabilities with automated tag detaching for a convenient and easy shopping experience in the future. Its simple one-piece design is adaptable to self-checkout and mobile checkout solutions, allowing easy automated tag removal in seconds so customers can complete transactions themselves and expedite the entire buying process.

Tyco Retail Solutions commissioned United States Ergonomics to perform usability testing to measure the performance differences in speed and efficiency to apply and remove one-piece versus two-piece tags on a variety of clothing items in different sizes and fabrics. The Sensormatic InFuzion tag had the fastest application and removal time delivering a 40 percent overall time savings.

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“Providing a secure, simple to use solution that saves time and money is a game changer for retailers,” said Bjoern Petersen, president, Tyco Retail Solutions. “As the testing indicates, our innovative one-piece InFuzion EAS tag delivers measurable time and labor savings that can greatly benefit our retail customers and their shoppers. Additionally, InFuzion supports self and mobile checkout strategies which are key to a frictionless shopping experience.”

Retailer value of the new Sensormatic InFuzion tag:

  • Speeds up customer checkout with easy tag removal at the POS
  • Supports speedy merchandise prep for sales floor readiness with one-piece design for easy application
  • Features a narrow pin to safely protect apparel and delicate garments
  • Reduces the cost of replacing lost or broken pins
  • Eliminates the need to store and sort pins and tags separately
  • Sleek shape provides a strong visual deterrent without detracting from high-end merchandise, letting retailers open-merchandise with confidence
  • Enables secure loss prevention with easy automated tag removal for future self-checkout and mobile checkout solutions

For more information, visit www.sensormatic.com/products/hard-tags/magnetic-tags/infuzion-magnetic-tag/.

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