Two Arrested after Nearly Two-Month Shoplifting Spree

A frequent shoplifter liked to go where everybody knew his name, but after a nearly two-month spree at Spokane stores, he and a woman have been taken into custody by police.

According to Spokane Police (SPD), 25-year-old Nicholas Michael and 26-year-old Melodie Banks were suspects from shoplifting incidents dating back to June 3 from multiple retail stores in the same retain chain around the Spokane area.

Police say employees of the retail chain had dealt with Michael often enough that they knew him by name and had told him to not return to the stores. Michael was also known to sell various tools and other merchandise from the store online.

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Michael and Banks were attributed to 15 separate thefts at four retail locations after an employee reviewed security cameras to match descriptions of the suspects and vehicle.

On Friday, July 24, Michael and Banks were spotted together in a vehicle and taken into custody. Michael was booked into the Spokane County Jail on counts of organized retail theft and theft with intent to resell. Banks was booked on a count of organized retail theft. SPD says the total loss from the thefts was $7,800…  KHQ6 News

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