Two Alleged Shoplifters Stop Funeral Dead in Its Tracks

Father Christopher Heanue had never been stopped, well, dead in his tracks presiding over a funeral Mass. Now, he has — and the timeless occasion is on video, to boot. Heanue was wrapping up the February 7 service for a beloved 79-year-old grandma when two alleged shoplifters ducked into Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens’ Richmond Hill. Hot on their heels was a good Samaritan who claimed he witnessed the crime.

The deceased and her loved ones were making their way down the main aisle, headed for the doors that the teens ran through, at the time. Everything came to a screeching halt, except the organ music — and a smartphone recording the action. The 23-second clip shows the trio standing in the pews, having heated words. There is talk of lighters, presumably what the boys were suspected of taking from the nearby shop… New York Post

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