Turning Point Justice Expands Shoplifting Offender Compliance with Hire of Michaela Andruzzi as Corporate Counsel


Loss prevention cloud technology company Turning Point Justice (TPJ) is continuing its rapid growth, announcing that it has hired Michaela Andruzzi as Corporate Counsel to serve as a liaison for law enforcement and justice professionals across jurisdictions adopting TPJ solutions. A former district attorney and prosecutor with nearly 20 years of criminal justice experience, Andruzzi will also lead offender compliance to ensure accountability for all shoplifters who participate in the CAP Program offered in partnership with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP).

“Shoplifting has become a nationwide epidemic because many first-time offenders face no consequences for petty retail theft,” said Lohra Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Turning Point Justice. “With the support of courts and police, retailers and communities can protect their economies and their values by ensuring offenders learn that there are serious consequences for shoplifting. Michaela is an outstanding legal professional, and we are proud to add her to our executive leadership team to represent the interests of law enforcement and justice systems in the fight against shoplifting.”

Turning Point Justice provides cloud technology that helps victims and communities fight petty crimes and improve offender behavior. The TPJ Cloud Justice platform is provided at no cost to retailers to improve shoplifting incident processing, and is tailored to ensure loss prevention agents consistently follow local shoplifting laws. TPJ helps retailers process more shoplifting incidents without the need for police and justice system support through the Court Alternative Program (CAP) for Shoplifting offered in partnership with NASP, which manages offender education programs and student management. If a CAP participant registers but fails to complete the education course and pay restitution, TPJ enlists the support of local prosecution to uphold accountability for all offenders.

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“Shoplifting is a crime that is becoming all too common – so common, in fact, that law enforcement and courts cannot keep up with prosecuting all the offenses,” said Andruzzi.“Offenders need consistent, appropriate consequences to learn from a mistake like shoplifting. I’m excited to join TPJ to serve the needs of prosecutors, police and families to help retailers combat shoplifting.”

Prior to joining Turning Point Justice, Andruzzi served as Deputy County Attorney in the Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Office in New Hampshire. She previously served as Criminal Unit Chief for the Salt Lake County District Attorney, and as a Deputy District Attorney in Salt Lake County, Utah. Andruzzi holds a doctorate in Law from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, as well as a B.A. degree from the University of Utah.

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