Trio Arrested for ‘shoplifting scheme’

Authorities in Iowa arrested three men Thursday in what police call a “shoplifting scheme” at a Pella Walmart. Carlos Rodriguez Claro, 33, of Fort Dodge; Jesus Moya Estrada, 22, of Katy, Texas; and Juan Ricardo Rivero Carcia, 39, of Fort Dodge, were arrested on suspicion of theft of personal items.

Police said officers were made aware of an incident Wednesday afternoon at the Walmart in Pella that was “of concern.” According to police, Claro, Estrada and Carcia appeared to closely monitor the activities of Pella resident Kayla Keen as she and her son pulled into the store parking lot, shopped in the store and returned to their vehicle.

“Kayla Keen’s gut told her something just wasn’t right when she felt followed by a group of men at this Walmart,” Pella police Chief Robert Bokinsky said. “She had no idea she’d actually uncovered a shoplifting scheme.”

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“I wouldn’t have even noticed them if they had not come in the parking lot the wrong way,” Keen said. Keen said she entered the store at the same time as a group of men and that the situation felt off when she came back out to find one of the men standing next to her car… KCCI8 News

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