Top 10 E-commerce Trends That Will Impact Retailers in 2018

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Absolunet recently revealed their top ten trends that will impact North American retailers in 2018. The impact will be felt across the entire supply chain: by manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers alike.

Absolunet’s projected top 10 e-commerce trends for 2018 are:

The Rebirth of Brick and Mortar
A new breed of retail stores and in-person experiences will begin to replace outgoing retailers.

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The Consumerization of B2B
The perfect storm is about to hit the nearly $1 trillion B2B e-commerce sector.

AR in Your House
Augmented reality will go from novelty to a sales driver.

“RoPo”: The New Measure of a Retailer’s Digital Success
Retailers will be able to know which clicks led to in-store sales.

Mobile Checkout Overtakes Desktop Checkout
Mobile commerce’s biggest challenge – checkout – will become its greatest asset.

AI Will Create the Perfect Customer Experience
Shopping will be customized and optimized for every consumer.

Amazon and the Year of Marketplace Maturity
Amazon will be a ubiquitous element in every e-commerce business plan in 2018.

Voice Will Change Google/SEO/E-commerce Forever
In 2018, consumers will speak to their devices and use voice to make purchases like never before.

Photo Shopping
Image-based product searches will be big in 2018, essentially altering the very nature of “search.”

Reaching Peak Browser
The browser will no longer be the de facto means by which we purchase products or services digitally.

“The technologies themselves already exist, we expect the adoption and proliferation of these technologies to grow substantially this year, changing the very nature of how companies do business.” said Charles Desjardins, Absolunet senior vice president. “We hope that the top ten e-commerce trends for 2018 report helps retailers, manufacturers and distributors gain valuable insight and helps them choose the right strategies and partners to bridge the e-commerce gap.”

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