Three Sentenced in $206K CC Scam

Three years ago, during the Sumter County School District’s Christmas break, a Russian citizen used a malicious software program and hacked into their computer network, according to federal courts and School Superintendent Rick Shirley.

The hacker has never been caught. However, three men from around the country were recently sentenced in relation to the case, which involved spending $206,000 on unauthorized purchases – electronics from cell phones to tablet computers, according to the federal court in the Middle District of Florida.

They even purchased liquor, Shirley said, noting that several things that were done by the card company did not follow the rules in their contract with the school district.

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Josten Rakeem-Hassan Brown (28, Greenville, S.C.) was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for using an unauthorized access device (credit card).

Two other defendants, sentenced in connection with the offense were Kenbee Omari Hughey, 41, Detroit, Mich. (sentenced in the Middle District of Florida to 15 months’ imprisonment by United States District Judge Roy B. Dalton, Jr.) and Dejon Romans Brown, 22, Puyallup, Wash., (sentenced in the Western District of Washington by United States District Judge Robert S. Lasnik.

The hacker apparently got into the system and then had credit cards issued to the three recently-convicted men, under false names. “About time,” Shirley said of the sentencing… Sumter County Times

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