This Is How an Employee Stole $30K from Quick Service Restaurant

This happened with Burger King, a firm that was deceived by an employee who stole about $30,000 from the company.

The report comes from Fox News, a medium that has reported that in one year, the now former Burger King employee managed to steal $30,000.

The events involve the employee identified as Daniel Henry Andrews, of Pelham, Alabama, who this week was arrested for theft, identity theft and computer tampering.

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The employee was accused of manipulating a control program to increase his working hours, while creating profiles of false employees from whom he also received their salary and overtime worked.

In this way, over the course of a year, Andrews used this manipulation in the system to scam Burger King, which is why he was now arrested and taken into police custody in the Shelby County Jail earlier this week, although He is free because he paid a bail of $50,000.

Although it is true that $30,000 could be little when compared to the business volume generated by Burger King, the reality is that they are losses for the firm’s business… Explica

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