ThinkLP: Awesome Analytics, Case, Audit and Department Management Software

Every loss prevention department needs a central software platform and ThinkLP combines all the pieces: case management, audit management, prescriptive analytics and exception reporting, incident reporting, anonymous hotlines and tip reporting, civil recovery, service and repair requests, tasks and approvals, workflow and process automation, physical security asset tracking, and more. Trusted by companies both large and small and used in more than 170 countries, ThinkLP has gained global attention as the one-stop loss prevention success platform by which awesome loss prevention teams work smarter and have everyone connected to everything.

Awesome & Affordable Analytics for the Rest of Us

Everyone is talking about Analytics and Big Data: Prescriptive. Predictive. Descriptive. Directional. ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics is by far the most amazing data visualization tool that combines prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and exception reporting, with an execution platform that describes and directs the highest value opportunities to your field teams to quickly take action and dramatically reduce loss. Leveraging true Big Data analytics, you can analyze hundreds of millions of rows of data instantly, on any device, and take action with the tap of a finger. You need to see this to believe it.

Your LP Mobile App: Because it’s 2016

We’re all mobile most of the time, and the ThinkLP mobile app is a secure, drag-and-drop configurable mobile app that you can customize for your specific department. Connect your field team with all your data and all your processes all in your own mobile app.

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Execute, Execute, Execute

Your ability to implement your LP vision is only as good as your teams ability to execute, and for that you need awesome, mobile, and flexible software. Drop by ThinkLP Booth 1044 to discuss your 2017 strategy and see why retailers everywhere are switching to the ThinkLP Loss Prevention Success Platform.

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