Thief Hides Stolen $100K Ring ‘in His Body’

A pricey ring stolen from a jewelry store in California had to be retrieved from an unfortunate spot. Manteca Police said a man agreed to meet with two people at a jewelry store to sell a ring worth more than $100,000. A jeweler at New York Diamonds confirmed the authenticity of the ring.

Seconds later, a man grabbed the ring, ran out the store and hopped into a car with his buddy at the wheel. A witness called 911 and minutes later, police had the suspects in custody. But, they didn’t have the ring. Police searched the car but came up empty.

One of the suspects had the ring inside him, but it wasn’t swallowed. CBS Sacramento reported authorities had to get a search warrant for an X-ray to find the exact location of the stolen ring. The two suspects are… CBS12 News

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