Theft-Turned-Robbery: Boy, 15, Assaults Employee

alcohol bottles

A 15-year-old boy slammed a Clifton, New Jersey, liquor store employee into a display case before running out with two bottles of alcohol, said police who tracked him down Tuesday night.

The Paulison Liquors employee confronted the boy when he tried to walk out with the bottles, then got pushed into the case just before 9:30 p.m., Detective Robert Anderson said. The employee wasn’t injured, Anderson added.

Police reviewed surveillance footage and began to check the surrounding areas for the teen. An officer spotted him barely a half-hour after the call near the intersection of Sheridan Avenue and Third Street, the sergeant said. He’d changed his clothes, Anderson said. The teen took off when the officer approached, tossing a bottle of liquor as he ran, the sergeant said… Daily Voice

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