The Top 5 States That Reported the Most Identity Theft Cases

California, Texas, Florida, New York and Georgia reported the most identity theft cases to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2018, according to most recent available data.

Of the nearly three million fraud cases reported to the FTC, there were 444,602 cases of identity theft in 2018. They accounted for 14.85 percent of all cases and represent the third most common type of fraud.

Identity theft, one type of financial fraud, involves the criminal practice of obtaining a person’s information and personal details to use for fraudulent purposes.

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California reported 73,668 cases, Texas reported 45,030, Florida reported 37,797, New York reported 24,248, and Georgia, 23,871. Vermont reported the least number of identity theft cases.

Georgia, Nevada and California were the top three states for identity theft by population, according to an analysis of the data published by The Motley Fool. Although Georgia consistently ranked among the worst states for identity theft… Inside Nova

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