The Rise of Organized — and Disorganized — Crime in Physical Retail

They say the perfect crime is hard to commit, but last week in Spokane, Washington an intrepid burglar managed to pull it off at the Yuppy Puppy pet store, according to local law enforcement officials. The burglar, according to surveillance video, managed to break into the shop, scoop the cash out of the register and flee the scene, all in under 35 seconds.

More impressive, according to shop owner Aquila Brown, the burglar managed to avoid ever directly looking at the security cameras, and managed to locate the cash register instantly, despite the fact that it had been recently relocated in the shop. Brown rejected suggestions that it could be a current or past employee, telling local news affiliates, “It was a pro.” What makes the story stand out among the reams of local retail crime reporting is that the crime was actually committed. Botched crimes in local retail are common…

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