The LP Foundation Celebrates These Newly Certified LP Professionals

We are pleased to recognize and congratulate those industry professionals who recently obtained their loss prevention certification. Despite their demanding schedule and having other impressive educational credentials, they still saw the value and took the time to obtain this important LP credential.

November 2020 LPC Recipients

Andrew Bailey, LPC, HomeGoods
Adriaan Bosch, LPC, PEP (South Africa)
Matthew Dominiak, LPC, Home Depot
Darren Leonard, LPC, John Lewis PLC (UK)

November 2020 LPQ Recipients

Justin Clarke, LPQ, City of Garland
Parker Griebel, LPQ, Festival Foods
Julie Hall, LPQ, Meijer
James Klobucar, LPQ, Meijer
Perry Lawton, LPQ, KPH Healthcare Services
Elena Mancha, LPQ, TJX
Jeffrey Miller, LPQ, Dick’s Sporting Goods
Sarah Neustedter, LPQ, Festival Foods
Oscar Nuku, LPQ, Meijer
Gabriella Vela, LPQ, TJX
Kyle Wooten, LPQ, Meijer

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Loss prevention certification is an investment that we make in ourselves. It is not simply a commitment to higher learning, but also a dedication to reach a higher standard. Each of these individuals is helping to raise the bar for the profession and has earned both their designation and respect of the loss prevention community.

For more information on loss prevention certification and the certification process, contact the Loss Prevention Foundation.

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