The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Completes Recertification Audit

All members validated for loss prevention certification CEUs

Last January the Loss Prevention Foundation announced the appointment of Wayne McBrian, LPC, to Recertification Chair and conducted its first Recertification Audit. The audit took 30 days to complete and all members met their CEU requirements.

Several findings were discovered during the audit that will improve this process and be friendlier to the membership. Thankfully the first group of audited members were both patient and insightful during the process. You know who you are. Thank you.

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Audit Findings

We discovered that 65% of those loss prevention professionals surveyed were not aware of the audit process. Since this was the first audit, this wasn’t totally surprising. However, members should know that credibility of the foundation relies on the integrity of certification and validation of continuing education through recertification. Also, most of those audited were unaware they could upload their submissions for CEU validation. By uploading CEU validations we can minimize the interruptions caused by the audit and improve day-to-day office efficiency.

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Corporate meetings with professional loss prevention education were confusing. Several members submitted for CEUs for “participation” or “presenting” in corporate meetings. The LPF wants to encourage this type of loss prevention training. The problem occurs when separating corporate training from professional development. By working with companies, the LPF can make certain that members receive the most possible CEUs, while bringing clarity to the Corporate Conference topic.

• Example: A company has a conference that has both professional development and company-related guidance. On the surface this conference may have been valued at 7 CEUs.

• After examining the agenda we found two external educators delivered customized programs. Rather than seven CEUs for the Conference, we could award 21 CEUs.

• Pre-approving a corporate conference will insure the maximum CEUs and simplify the audit process.

Evidence of CEUs. All members are reminded to retain evidence of CEUs for at least one year. Maintaining these records will simplify your audit process. When your CEUs are audited, these evidence documents will validate your previous submissions.

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