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The Link Between ORC and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking and organized retail crime may seem like disparate criminal activities, but a closer look reveals a concerning overlap, particularly in the utilization of theft mule rings. These criminal enterprises exploit vulnerable individuals for their own gains, whether through forced labor or retail theft schemes.

One of the key intersections between human trafficking and organized retail crime lies in the recruitment and deployment of theft mules. These individuals are coerced or deceived into participating in criminal activities, such as shoplifting, with the stolen goods then funneled into the black market. In some cases, human traffickers may force their victims to engage in retail theft as a means of generating income, exploiting their desperation, and lack of alternatives. The advancement of technology offers a glimmer of hope in addressing this intricate problem. Data analytics and surveillance technologies can play a crucial role in illuminating the operations of theft mule rings and aiding in interdiction efforts. By analyzing patterns of life behaviors, law enforcement and security professionals can identify unusual activities that may be indicative of individuals being coerced or manipulated into participating in organized retail crime.

Advanced algorithms can process large volumes of data, including shopping patterns, travel routes, and social interactions, to identify potential links between human trafficking networks and retail crime rings. For instance, frequent and sudden changes in a person’s routine, particularly if accompanied by unusual financial transactions, may signal their involvement in criminal activities.

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Moreover, the use of facial recognition technology and other biometric tools can enhance the ability to track and identify individuals involved in both human trafficking and organized retail crime. Law enforcement agencies can collaborate with retailers to share information and leverage technology to create a comprehensive database of individuals associated with these criminal activities.

By combining technological advancements with proactive investigative strategies, authorities can disrupt the operations of theft mule rings and, in turn, dismantle the intricate web connecting human trafficking and organized retail crime. Such efforts not only protect the retail sector from financial losses but also contribute to the broader fight against human trafficking, helping to safeguard the rights and well-being of those most vulnerable to exploitation.

My book, Dark Traffic, enlightens the public on the next phase of anti-trafficking efforts to stop what has evolved into a $150 billion industry involving a complex network of organized crime trafficking sex, labor, and human organs. As co-founder and CEO of Zero Trafficking, I’ve partnered with United States law enforcement and the judicial system and forged ahead into the new battleground, where high-tech data analysis is changing how criminals are caught and prosecuted.

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With a new wave of media attention and actions at the federal, state, and local government levels, Dark Traffic informs readers how they can play a role in identifying and helping stop trafficking that occurs in their own neighborhoods. My first goal with the writing of this book was to provide information. The public desperately needs to have a clear and accurate understanding of the problem we’re facing, since it threatens the people we love. Second, I hope this book makes people angry because anger focused in the right direction is a powerful tool for change. We ought to be angry when young people are being destroyed. And third, to dispel the myth that one person can’t do very much. Mass movements are made up of lots of “one persons” who come together to become one massive force for good.

Noel Thomas

Noel Thomas is the CEO of Zero Trafficking, a technology firm that fights human trafficking and exploitation of individuals. He is also the author of Dark Traffic, which was released to bookstores in April of 2023. Noel is a state appointee to the Arizona Blockchain Committee. He is also a former guest speaker at the United Nations. You can find his book here.

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