The CDC Offers Guidance on How to Protect Workers from Violent Anti-Mask Customers

This week, the CDC released new guidance on how retailers and restaurants can prevent workplace violence as employees attempt to enforce new COVID-19 safety policies. In recent months, employees have faced harassment and assault from customers who have refused to social distance, wear face coverings, and follow other safety measures.

Some of the CDC’s preventative solutions include putting up signs about mask requirements and offering services that allow customers to minimize their contact with others, such as curbside pickup and delivery.

If staffing permits, the CDC advised that two employees should work as a team to encourage customers to follow COVID-19 policies, such as wearing a face mask. The CDC also suggested installing security equipment — such as panic buttons and cameras — and identifying a safe area for employees to go to if they are in danger, such as “a room that locks from the inside, has a second exit route, and has a phone or silent alarm.”

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The CDC advised employees against arguing with customers if they make threats or become violent. Further, the guidance advised against attempting “to force anyone who appears upset or violent to follow COVID-19 prevention policies.” Instead, employees are advised to be aware of warning signs…  Business Insider

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