The Biggest News in Loss Prevention: June 10-16

We know that your week can get busy, and the time you have to catch up on the news from around the retail loss prevention industry is often stolen away by other things. That’s why the LPM team sifts through headlines from all over the country to bring only the most relevant LP news to you here, in our special weekly news round-up—the perfect bookend to a productive week.

Here’s What You May Have Missed

Congress Weighs Federal Response to High Retail Crime Rates
The five-finger discount costs businesses nearly $100 billion each year, and the problem is getting worse. This week, congress is weighing a federal response during a congressional hearing on the topic.

LGBTQ+ Target Employees Share Their Experiences During Pride Month
In May, Target began rolling out its Pride merch. The company has stocked Pride displays for well over a decade, but this time around, violent backlash ensued as protestors tore down Pride displays, harassed Target employees, and made bomb threats to local stores.

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Fired Clerk Sues Circle K Over Shoplifting Policy
When an armed robber grabbed a pack of cigarettes, Mary Ann Moreno never thought it would lead to her termination as a clerk for Circle K. Now the 75-year-old is suing the convenience store chain, claiming she was the victim of wrongful termination.

Task Force and Tech Tackle Rise in Illinois ORC
In 2021 the Illinois Attorney General created a retail crime task force that took a different approach by viewing thefts not as one-offs done by individuals, but as part of a larger organized crime pattern.

FOX News Podcast Focuses on Retail Theft
From mom and pop to major box stores, retailers are being forced to close or move because of gang-led violent robberies. FOX’s Eben Brown spoke with Casey Stegall, FOX News senior correspondent, about the increase in theft and what can be done to stop it.

Ohio Develops New Retail Crime Task Force
A new task force has been developed by the state to target an uptick in retail theft and violent crime impacting businesses. It will include representatives from the retail community as well as state and county law enforcement officials.

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